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Donations to Charity In Memory

We can help you to coordinate Donations to Charity in Memory of a Loved One in a safe way, so you have peace of mind when honouring their life.

Our inspiration to add meaning and memories helps you, good causes and the environment too

One way to celebrate the life of a loved one is to ask family and friends to make a charitable donation at their funeral service. People usually select a charity relating to the deceased for example, a local hospice that they stayed at, or a charity linked to their cause of death or one that is meaningful for the surviving memory.

Here at Amanda-Louise Lady Funerals we can help you to do this. Our online funeral and memorial page can show details of the Charity and how anyone can donate. We can also collect monies at the funeral too on your behalf. After we have collected all the monies in, we pass them onto the chosen Charity in memory. We will send you a list of donors and the total amount collected after a period of 4 – 6 weeks. You will also receive a letter of receipt and thanks from your selected charity that we receive.

If you like the idea of giving to a Charity but havent got a preference on which charity, then why not link to our chosen Good Cause Charity, or alternatively we can help you and everyone to plant a tree in their memory, so you will be helping the environment too.

This service is underpinned by our procedures and policies, to ensure all monies are safe.

Donations to Charity

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