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What makes Amanda-Louise a different kind of funeral director?

Our unrivaled care and support everyone is governed by our professional standards underpinned by our policies and procedures. Because how we treat the living, the departed and our environment really matters to us.

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A personal statement from Amanda-Louise

"I am a lover of life, laughter and passionate about what people want from a service. I have been described as an empath, a listener, a problem solver, who rolls up her sleeves to ensure whether physically or imaginatively the person you wish to remember is respected and celebrated through thoughtful planning and delivery, to honour the person and to be healing for those mourning. I want to help inspire people that as there isnt a rule book in life, nor should there be with a funeral – what's right for one person, isn’t for the next. And that’s okay. I adore tradition or I will devise new ones with you. I feel listening and chatting with family, friends and making new friends through my work and travels in life, bring me such joy. I will be that person to hug you when needed, your shoulder to lean on, and to share with you happy and sad tears. Above all, I will work very hard knowing what matters to you most of all."

Summary of Our Funeral Home' Strengths

Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services is a different kind of Funeral Company -this isnt an inherited business, corporate group or media driven online funeral sales services - we choose to do this because we believe in the power of funerals

Finalist in Small Business of Year Award & Nominated for National Funeral Awards

Trained in Funeral Director/Care, Bereavement Counselling, Celebrant, Event Planning, Strategic Management, Media, Marketing and Public Speaking

Police career background

Held senior positions in social care, learning disabilities and victim services

University educated and research, won outstanding award at Exeter University

Catering and Hospitality background

30 + years as professionally public speaker (trained by the BBC) and in planning

Owner of award-winning current events business in Somerset

Managing change and re-organisation as the needs of business changes in care sectors

Amanda-Louise's Story

I consider myself to be a passionate person who believes everyone is unique, where family time is important to me. I moved with my family to Somerset in 2003 where our children grew up, participate in community activities, and remain. Having grown up in a catering and hospitality background and had my own event and hospitality business, I bring a customer excellence skillset with me.

After a career in police I studied at Exeter University achieving a BA(Hons) Degree along with an Outstanding Award, so having integrity, championing individuality and positive values and behaviours are very important to me. Having strength in logistics planning, means I have a keen eye for detail.  After graduating, my time in senior management posts leading and reshaping domestic violence services, the care industry including disabilities, my compassion grew even stronger that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and care regardless how life treats us.

Having built a successful and alternative wedding planning business based in Somerset covering the South West and the UK, which is now able to function independently for many of its services as that business has organically grown along with fabulous team of experts working with me, has allowed me to follow my desire to create a funeral service that breaks down boundaries and is an alternative approach to the regimented funeral industry ethos. This means that my strong logistical planning background, my wealth of knowledge of cultural and religious needs, experience listening to people about what truly matters to them, allows me to understand better needs to happens in funerals for everyone.

My desire to be a Funeral Director came from seeing as a qualified independent celebrant, from way back then, of first-hand knowledge how the right person to lead a funeral can make all the difference when retelling a life’s story, but I wanted to develop a service that offered choice and having a holistic view.  So, I trained in funeral director’s care, which means you can trust us with the most precious of tasks; the care of the person who has died whether that’s in our premises or in your own home.  Being DBS clear and our business insurance, gives you peace of mind when we work alongside you. 

Having worked with death for a considerable number of years, I have seen some disappointing funeral director’s service standards and inspired by those who champion in their field.  I wanted to leave the funeral industry ethos of what a funeral ‘should be’ behind and be bold and brave as a modern funeral director to promote life affirming options and solutions, be creative and inspiring, have seamless uncomplicated processes, help to create gentle goodbyes or fabulous farewells as experts you can entrust us to design a beautiful, poignant last moment that goes without a hitch.

Calling on my fondness of research from my university days, I studied past practices of funeral care. Whilst our mission is to be modern, it has taken steps back further than the traditional ‘norm’ we know of today. For those who prefer to care for someone who has died at home, I wanted to support those who want to remain at home up until their funeral; otherwise, I welcome the opportunity of caring for the deceased in our premises, according to your wishes.  

Trained in bereavement counselling, I am aware that grief after the death of a loved one does not stop after the funeral, and we can go through emotions that we do not understand.  This is why our funeral home is integrated with bereavement services for adults and children enabling them to understand their emotions and live a more peaceful life in their days ahead.

Naming the business was an important factor.  By dropping my surname, its inspired to break down barriers, and be a friendly trusting open arms approach for those who need a helping hand.  And it means I’m accountable too. And being hands-on, means that I can make decisions quickly, without waiting for permission unlike the larger funeral companies. We are starting slowly ensuring we get things right for that person centred approach.

Of course professionals shouldnt be about gender or their identify! But the funeral industry is a male dominated sector, mainly due to funeral directors historically being former carpenters in years gone by. But I do embrace that many people have preferred to deal with a female funeral director. Families over the years told me it was because of our sensitive and nurturing qualities, that they could share their memories or discuss family concerns more openly with a female.  Whilst Im our lead Funeral Director, Im proud of our values. Our services have grown, so has my team and we love each other's strengths and we value our individual authenticity and diversity.

Our ethos is about choice, so we know for some the importance of hearses, elaborate coffins and a rigid format is what a funeral should look and feel like and we offer that. But for me, I believe it’s about what people want if they have all the options in front of them, whether that’s how the body is cared for, alternative funeral venues, wanting more environmentally friendly solutions, even down to attire.  This is where my thoughtful model incorporating all styles offers an inclusive non-judgmental approach in the funeral industry, wrapped up with us gently and sensitively caring for the deceased.

Thank you for considering my services to be part of your important life decisions.  You are at the heart of what we do, and hope we are your perfect fit to work with you, honour the person who has died, and help you to move forwards in your amazing journey called life.

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