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Music & Visual

Browse our collection of creative ideas through music and visual media products. They will help you remember and honour a life in way that feels right for you.

Our inspiration to add meaning and memories helps you, good causes and the environment too

Music & Songs

Choosing the right music and songs will personalise the funeral service or scattering of ashes. It helps to reflect on a person’s personality in a gentle or fabulous way, their hobbies or work career, to remember good times together with family or friends, and can bring a moment of calm and peace. With an array of choice from hymns, classical tunes to modern day pop songs, most crematoriums have a comprehensive library we can use which is played digitally through their sound systems; otherwise, we just need to be mindful of copyright restrictions.

Often clients opt to have apiece of music at the start of the funeral reflecting the person’s personality,a peaceful one to reflect upon before the committal and then an uplifting one on exit at the end of the service. Others have opted to have a piece of music played when showing a collection of photos during a slideshow.

Whether you want to have pre-recorded music, or a live soloist, musician or band, or even have a family member stand up and sing. At Amanda-Louise Funeral Services, we will make it easy for you so we can arrange the music on your behalf.

If you want music or songs, there are no rules, so we recommend you choose something that is meaningful to you. If you have a particular piece of music you have in mind, please do chat with us or we can help assist finding ideas that’s perfect for you.

Crematoria Slideshow With Photo Tribute

Watching a slideshow of your personal photos tributes on a screen is a poignant way to remember the person and your special moments. This can be included within the funeral service. Most crematoriums have this facility using their systems, as do some churches, or we can hire in the equipment to watch on a screen.

Clients have opted to either have a single photo on the screen through the service, or a moment to watch a family video or a selection of photos which can if you wish also be accompanied to music as a tribute.

Contact us to discuss your photos, and we can organise this on your behalf.

Funeral Photographers & Videographers

This specialised service can provide uplifting images of the funeral which can be immensely healing to the bereaved to look back on after the event. They can capture edited images of mourners arriving and leaving, the service, hearse, flowers, tributes, key people, wake; all captured discreetly and respectfully, often from a distance for example.

Our trusted local professional female photographer has a gentle sincere approach.

It can be shared with family and friends as well as those unable to be present at the service. It can provide an opportunity to talk about the person who has died, which for some can be very difficult but can be very powerful healing tool as looking back and talking about memories and of those images captured are a positive healing process. Many will provide a book of visual memories, giving you something physical to hold or on a USB stick. Clients have said it a great comfort in time of loss.

We make it easy for you to create the funeral that you want, so if you feel this is something of interest,let us know, and we will arrange this.

Live Streaming

This came into its own during lock down to enable everyone to feel part of the funeral ceremony when numbers attending were restricted. It enables the service to be live streamed into the comfort of family and friends’ homes wherever they are in the world, and to be watched back. Password protected so you have control on who can watch, this broadcast quality HD cameras, they connect via the internet/wifi and can be streamed from anywhere to almost anywhere on any device.

Most crematoria have systems that can provide this, and we can book this for you.

For churches and alternative venues, we can arrange via our trusted funeral and memorial live streaming company and can also supply and setup large TVs, projectors, and speakers delivering quality images and sound.

Our catalogue of products help you make the choices right for you. If you’d like something that isn’t in our catalogue, talk to us and we’d be happy to organise it

Our emotional wellbeing, support and grief counseling can give you the help and counselling you need to deal with the loss of loved one. Our focus is on helping you every step of the way providing wrap around care before, during and after the funeral.

Emotional support & councilling

We offer emotional support & grief counseling as part of our service

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