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When you place your trust in Amanda-Louise, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism and understanding, compassionate personal care, discretion and support, choice and value with a truly distinct service, whatever your needs and budget.

Let our strength help you find yours - with care and compassion Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors are here to guide you through life's heaviest moments. Call Amanda-Louise on 01643 800335 - when a death occurs we are available 24/7.

At Amanda-Louise, Our Clients Are At The Heart of All That We Do

We are a supportive & distinctive Funeral Directors in Somerset. Our main funeral home in Minehead & being mobile means, we are wellplaced to support local families including Taunton, Bridgwater, Tiverton & surrounding communities in your own home. Some families request for us personally, so we travel further.Our places of rest are Minehead & Taunton.

Personal Message To You, From Amanda-Louise:
"Hello and welcome to my trusted awarded independent funeral director services here in our beautiful West Country region of England.

As a woman led business, we are modern forward thinking and client focused, aimed to give the best service you want recognising "one size" doesn't fit all, so whether you want a traditional, modern, natural, contemporary or even a funeral that's created from scratch to totally shine the very essence of the person whom we are commemorating; you will receive the most highest caring personal specialist services to meet all the needs of you and your loved ones - because how we treat the living, the departed and our future generations really matters to us.

Our wealth of experience over the years drives us forwards to provide a genuine quality, respectful service to the deceased, to be more than a listening ear to the bereaved families, and to prioritise the funeral ceremony (or memorial/celebration of life after the funeral) as its very important to ensure its thought through carefully, so that everyone gets the ceremony they need where our inhouse celebrant services provides you value for money.

With our knowledge, we can open you up to a world of possibilities, without overwhelming you, whether you want a quiet simply affair to a flamboyant one. With our business practices from our meticulous logistically planning support in the right format and stepping stone approach, ensuring on the day of the funeral it will happen smoothly and everything will happen at the right place, pace and time.

With us, its not just a career or a job, its a vocation and very humbled by the accolades achieved and importantly the feedback our families have given us; showing me our understandings and expertise support provided has meant together, they had a funeral that worked for them, honoured their loved one and helped them to move on in their amazing journey called life; step by step.

We also help people to plan their funeral before they die, from our free funeral checklist for you to complete at home, to organising family gatherings in our office so together they have all contributed to the decision making, our organised visits to local crematoriums to see their surroundings, Celebrant services to produce a "living funeral" creating their own lasting memories into own prepared eulogy, to prepaid finance plans.

I invite you to travel through this website continuing to get the essence of who we are, the local charities we support and how we combat towards climate change. You'll find an abundance of helpful practical solutions and advice, as well as our comprehensive range of services for everything you may want and need for a funeral, or memorial celebration of life gathering under our one house; ranging from coffins to keepsakes, floristy to buy or hire, vehicles of all shapes, funeral reception venue, catering and hospitality, celebrants officiants and so much more.

So if you have experienced a loss, please accept my heartfelt condolences - I'm here to help you anyway I can, and it starts with you saying "hello" - office telephone 01643 800335 (or my mobile is 07879-220046) or email me:

Sending you my warmest Regards, Amanda-Louise"

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Our Funerals

Choosing the right services for a funeral can be stressful. We take that stress away by helping navigate the various decisions you have to make.

The enduring strength of women - Let Our Strength Help You Find Yours

Our unrivalled value

We offer genuine care and support to families through the loss of a loved one. Our women Funeral Specialists are here to share our strength, compassion and guidance in times of loss planning a meaningful funeral. We look after the deceased with care and dignity. We are here to ease your burden, help you process your grief and provide your lost loved one with a memorable farewell that honours their life and strengthens their legacy. We will walk by your side, look after every detail, so you can focus on healing before, during and after the service. We’ll support your family and community, so let our strength help you find yours.

Our surroundings are designed to be a peaceful and comfortable place, so in your own way, to give you the time and space you need to say goodbye.

We are proud of the big to the little things that sets us apart - click here to find out more.


Arranging a funeral can feel overwhelming, so for practical advice click here. If you are unsure what to do next, you can find out more about our services and costs by clicking here.

And when you are ready, we are here to guide and support you through the next steps - call us today on 01643 800335

  • Our Impact - Everything you may want and need for a funeral in any religious denomination, or non-religious service, and celebration of life memorials under our one roof.

  • Our Strong Background and Funeral Expertise in cremations, traditional and woodland burials, horse drawn funerals, military tributes and our sensitive care for delicate goodbyes to younger generations, For those wishing to think about preparing for their own funeral wishes in advance, we provide free our funeral checklist, services to record your own eulogy tribute (living eulogies), or offer Open PrePaid funeral plans to purchase.

  • Personally owned woman business by Funeral Director and qualified experienced Celebrant Amanda-Louise providing a woman's understanding, discretion, sensitivity, honesty, and care from our award-nominated services. We're passionate to offer genuine choice, support and value, whatever your budget. Our doors remain open after the day of the funeral in our cozy surroundings offering to support our local bereaved communities including our warm welcome to our regular group meet-ups over a cuppa.

  • Our Character - we're empathetic showing endless endless compassion for families and communities in grief. We're courageous unburdening you and lighten your load in the heaviest moments. We're intuitive anticipating your needs and honour your loved one’s wishes. And we go further by pledging to create social impacts and embrace sustainability looking after our planet.

  • Our Independence - offering personal face to face care, more flexibility, abundance of choice and a consistent presence. Our living and working in the local area means our local commitment understanding the needs of our region. We regularly visit our clients in the comfort of their own home across Somerset and Devon, or a warm welcome to come into our peaceful home.

Our Services & Prices

Compare the prices of different types of funerals but clicking the tabs below

Funeral Directors Minehead, Somerset
Traditional Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Traditional Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Our dignified service for those who want a traditional format with a black hearse, 4 professional coffin bearers to convey quality coffin into the chapel, the etiquette formalities of our Funeral Director ensuring everything goes smoothly plus orders of service.
From £2440 (our funeral directors fees) + third party disbursements - example total £3428

Overview Included in the Full Funeral (Cremation or Burial) choice fee:-

  • Collection of person who has died to be cared for in our mortuary for up to 3 weeks
  • Supporting you through all the funeral arrangements, logistics and liaison
  • Ability to spend time with the person and/or have them dressed in other clothes if you wish
  • Oak veneered standard size coffin
  • Ceremony – designed to your choosing, organised by us (plus celebrant duties if required) - typical times between 10am to 4pm
  • Provision of traditional black hearse, 4 smart coffin bearers to convey coffin into chapel
  • Funeral Director on day overseeing procession and everything in order
  • 30 orders of service with photographs
  • If required: collection of charitable donations, our wreath on coffin, online funeral memorial page, list of attendees recorded, celebrant duties, and bereavement support
  • Third party costs:  Taunton Crematorium (£946) or Sedgemoor (£1115) or Exeter (£1115) + Doctor’s fee (if applicable) £82 for one Dr medical paperwork - we will advise of burial costs

Overview Things to Consider:-

  • This package is our traditional option, designed to give you the classic style of funerals.
  • Surcharge will be added if you desire the following additional options:- (longer distance collections, and extended stay with us, limousine(s), cortege routes to funeral, overnight stay in church or home night before funeral, flowers, clergy minister or other celebrant, different coffin choice, wake/catering provision)
  • Deposit made up of third-party disbursements is required on booking with balance by 3 days before funeral.The Government (DWP) may grant for those eligible a Funeral Expenses Payment to help towards some of the costs. Prices are correct at time of publishing.
Your Way Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Your Way Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Our attended funerals with no restrictions on funeral or ceremony, with the full and flexible support of Amanda-louise funeral director and team
From £1400 (our funeral director fees)

Overview Included in the Full Funeral (Cremation or Burial) choice fee:-

  • Collection of person who has died to be cared for in our mortuary for up to 3 weeks
  • Full  and flexible support to coordinate all arrangements of funeral and ceremony, logistics and completion of necessary paperwork. You choose date, time and location of funeral. Collection of donations if desired.
  • Ability to spend time with the person and have them dressed in their clothes if you wish
  • Ceremony – designed to your choosing, organised by us
  • Collection of charitable donations, our online funeral memorial page if required

Overview Things to Consider:-

  • This package is our full and flexible option, designed to give you choice to have a personal send-off,  with no restrictions on possibilities from traditional to alternative. So you choose and add on the cost of the coffin, what hearse you desire, and which crematoria or cemetery you prefer, if you want pall bearers, any stops on route to funeral or at home or church the night before, any flowers, orders of service for example
  • Surcharge will be added if you desire the following additional options:- (longer distance collections, and extended stay with us)
  • Deposit made up of third-party disbursements is required on booking with balance by 3 days before funeral. If cremation and Coroner has NOT been involved, then you will need to add on (currently its £82) to pay for doctor's fee to complete medical paperwork. The Government (DWP) may grant for those eligible a Funeral Expenses Payment to help towards some of the costs. Prices are correct at time of publishing.
Cremation Only

Cremation Only

It involves a cremation only - at a date, time and typically location chosen by us, and does not include a funeral ceremony or any family or friends present.This is the most affordable funeral that we provide. Opt for the essentials only, or add on if you feel its too basic
From £1495 (our funeral director fees + third party cremation costs)

Overview Included in Our Cremation Choice fees (All the Essentials):-

  • Collection of person who has died in office hours from local hospital to be cared for in our mortuary for up to 2 weeks
  • Support to complete necessary paperwork - we choose date, time and location of crematorium
  • Typically, economy cardboard or foil wood effect traditional coffin (standard size) chosen by us
  • Suitable vehicle to transport deceased direct to the crematorium with our team
  • Third Party Fees Included - Cremation fee (nb if coroner not involved you will need to add on Dr's fee - currently its £82)

Overview Things to Consider:-

  • No Ceremony/Service or anyone attending, no viewing, and we choose date, time and location of funeral committal. The funeral is to take place within 2 weeks.
  • This package is our lowest cost funeral choice. Surcharge will be added if you desire the following additional options:- (longer distance collections, collection from home or hospice (as involves more staff) an extended stay with us, chance to say goodbye in our chapel of rest, changing of clothing, for us to use a local crematorium, arranging a gathering as fitting tribute for family and friends in our cosy surroundings, and for small number to attend with Amanda-Louise Funeral Director into a local crematorium- that way you only pay for what you need
  • Full payment is required on booking. The Government (DWP) may grant for those eligible a Funeral Expenses Payment to help towards some of the costs
Simple Cremation

Simple Cremation

Our “Simple Farewell” to help people wanting to keep the price in check but still have a meaningful service and cremation
from £1788 (our funeral director fees), from £889 third party crematorium costs + dr's fees if required) example total £2677

Overview Included in Our Simple Cremation Choice fees:-

  • Collection of person who has died in office hours from local hospital to be cared for in our mortuary for up to 2 weeks
  • Support to complete necessary paperwork – early morning slot at local crematorium
  • Typically, foil oak veneered traditional standard size coffin chosen by us
  • Our private vehicle to transport deceased direct to the crematorium meeting family/friends there. We place coffin in chapel before attendees enter. Funeral Director Amanda-Louise to officiate short ceremony if you prefer in words of tribute (subject to availability)
  • If required: single flower on coffin, and bereavement support
  • Third Party Fees Included - Cremation & chapel fee + if required Dr's medical fee of £82

Overview Things to Consider:-

  • 9am or 9.30am at local Crematorium - booking for earliest availability with up to 15 people at crematorium chapel for informal ceremony for up to 15 minutes, opportunity to have music, read poem, appropriate words said in tribute
  • Surcharge will be added if you desire the following additional options:- (longer distance collections, collection from home, nursing home or hospice (as involves more staff) an extended stay with us, or you wish to have a minister or alternative celebrant 
  • Deposit made up of third-party disbursements is required on booking with balance by 3 days before funeral. The Government (DWP) may grant for those eligible a Funeral Expenses Payment to help towards some of the costs. This package doesn’t include support with charitable donations nor the facility of the chapel of rest. Prices are correct at time of publishing.

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Whether you want to talk through our funeral services or need help choosing from our range of funeral products. Get in touch with us today.

‘Amanda-Louise was from the outset very friendly, caring and thoughtful. Such a good service provided to us in our time of grief and the service was more than we than we could have expected. I feel like I have known her for years and that if I ever need to talk she will be there for me.’

Lesley W

Thank you Amanda for looking after my close friend and her partner’s funeral. You were so professional, caring and lovely from the moment we spoke on the phone to the day of the funeral. I knew they were in safe hands with you. Everything you did was what they wished for. We can not thank you enough. Sharon (Admin) Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors

Thomas Brothers Funeral Directors

‘I just wanted to thank you for dad’s funeral. It was presented so beautifully and the personal letters to us all was a really thoughtful touch. I know Mum is grateful too, she thought you did a wonderful job celebrating Dad’s remarkable life. He truly was one of life’s funny and happy people. In addition, your support and gentle manner on the day of Dad’s funeral hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Thank you for introducing yourself to my son….and offering him some reassuring words as well as noticing the scarf he was wearing for his Grandad.’

Donna W

Dear Amanda-Louise, I am writing this card to say a HUGE thank you for all your help and expertise, that I found so helpful while organising my son's funeral service. It was so comforting to have you by my side along that path, and it was wonderful having you conduct the service on the day. You were so calm and professional, and gave me the strength to get through it. I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending you and your services. thank you! Warmest regards Sally

Sally Priddy

'Amanda had the difficult job of creating a beautiful ceremony that brought together many different parts of our lost loved one’s life. She rung up and spoke to each sibling to get stories and details needed for the ceremony. I never felt more at ease knowing she was here for the funeral. What she came up with was beautiful and she treated my dad with the utmost respect and honour. She made a bad day manageable, and it was simply beautiful.'

Mrs P Potts

'Amanda Louise helped with all the practical details of organising my father's funeral. She really listened to what we wanted and helped us design a service that was a personal reflection of his personality and his relationships. She mixes great organisational skills, getting things done behind the scenes, with practical and emotional support. Amanda-Louise ensured everything ran smoothly and was always available for questions and support and her role of celebrant on the day played a big part in making the service something to reflect on with pride and fondness.'

Amanda M

Dear Amanda, our deepest appreciation and heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to you for the lovely service you gave for our Mum/Sister and Nan Myra. Although a day of sorrow for all the family and friends, you helped the day pass with an air of smooth tranquillity and sincere friendship. thank you Amanda, Dawn and Carol


'At a time when as a family we were in the depths of sorrow at our loss Amanda - Louise arrived. It was as if the weight of trying to make sure that my husband’s life was remembered and honoured was completely understood by Amanda and we all relaxed. Our memories were brought to life in the service and I found it such a comfort. We all felt totally safe opening our hearts to her and were so impressed in the skills she has and empathy she has to understand how we all felt.'

Claire W

'Amanda-Louise is an amazing positive and kind lady who has gone above and beyond my expectations of a funeral director. Particularly as my husband chose a direct cremation (unattended) yet I was able to have a local, personalised cremation, with me making my own floral tribute along with other personalised touches, that I don't believe a large organisation (TV advertised) would be able to do for you . She gave me a lot of time, care and attention to detail, with practical and emotional support as well. I would highly recommend this caring respectful and professional funeral service.'

Carol Coutts

What a wonder lady, Amanda-louise was excellent at creating just the right service for my dear fathers funeral. She is sensitive, adaptable and has a lovely sense of humour. You will not regret using her. Sue x”

Sue Babey

‘I wanted to say how lovely the service was. I loved what you said, and it was just right for Dad. You were so professional, considerate, and caring and both me and Mum felt looked after.’

Heather H

‘Beautiful service for my late husband John. Amanda did him proud, she took the service with feeling and respect. Thank you Amanda.’‍

Pippa B

'Finding a funeral director is not something I’ve ever wanted to do because the death of a loved one becomes VERY real. I searched around my local area and all I could see were ‘traditional’ websites with not a lot on them. Owning a website myself, I know how important it is to give as much detail as possible..Amanda-Louise has absolutely done this. Her website is welcoming and full of information. My initial in-person meeting with her was fantastic! Amanda-Louise made me feel so comfortable and her office is very calming and not ‘traditional’ in any way which I think is a great credit to her and her business. From beginning to the sad end, (and beyond!) Amanda-Louise has been with myself and my family through the whole process and no question or suggestion is any trouble. She goes above and beyond for her clients and I’m so incredibly happy we chose her to arrange everything. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else and although I don’t want to think about another death in my family..Amanda-Louise will be my ‘go to’ for any I will need in the future ❤️'

Calley Owen

‘A friend recommended Amanda-Louise…at my mother’s funeral. Like most people in my position, I found the prospect of organising not only a funeral but my own mother’s funeral during Covid19 times. But Amanda-Louise was absolutely amazing. She was so caring, compassionate, understanding and most of all friendly. She listened intently to the type of funeral service we required (I didn’t know there were so many options), made notes, asked questions to get to know not only us but my mother too – consequently offered suggestions. The result was amazing if you could say a funeral was perfect – this was genuinely it. I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Amanda – Louise’s professional and compassionate approach to a very emotional event. Whatever the event if I could employ Amanda-Louise again I would have no hesitation whatsoever.’


Thank you for your pack with Dad's service details. It was presented brilliantly and was great to read over. Thank you again for your touch on things. Unfortunately, you are someone I hope not to see again in the near future, but if I do, I know the ceremony is in the best of hands’

Dean W

Dear Amanda, just a note to say a huge thank you for all your support and the wonderful service you conducted in honour of my Mum. I cant think of anyone better to conduct the service and Im so proud to call you my trusted friend, along with knowing it was Mum's choice to have you here today - she knew what you had supported with me in the past, and knows you always give sound advice. Thank you once again for everything, love Sharon x

Sharon Hilleard

‘I cannot praise Amanda enough. Clearly professional in her role she brought direction and comfort in equal measure, and yes, some humour to a very special Celebration of Life. A separate session with the young children attending gave them a role in the proceedings and an understanding of the meaning of the meeting. I recommend her services for any celebration, happy or sad.’

Dudley P

I'm so glad we met you Amanda, we all talk about how smoothly it flowed. I think your right Dad would of been proud of us all. Thank you for your services, Ian :)

Ian Mitcham

'Amanda-Louise is a wonderful person, who helped us say good bye to our Dad in a personalised and positive way, for which we will be forever grateful.'

Anna Lienka

'Amanda gave us as a family, the service we wanted and that my dad would have been very happy with and arranging to have him brought back to Northern Ireland with us and accompanying him on his final journey . Nothing was too much trouble for Amanda and she is a very kind and understanding lady.'

Rachelle Coggins

‘You have been so helpful during this whole process and I would recommend you and your services to everyone’

Lynn M

'I’ve met Amanda on two occasions two years in a row now for both my grandparents funeral. I can say our family felt in such great hands and so looked after by Amanda. She listened to what we’d like as a family as well as taking the time to get to know our loved ones we were saying goodbye to! Our family is forever grateful for her services and are so thankful to her.'

Abi Wong

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Our emotional wellbeing, support and grief counseling can give you the help and counselling you need to deal with the loss of loved one. Our focus is on helping you every step of the way providing wrap around care before, during and after the funeral.

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