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Our Values & Ethos

Our unrivaled care and support everyone is governed by our professional standards underpinned by our policies and procedures. Because how we treat the living, the departed and our environment really matters to us.

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Our Mission

At Amanda-Louise's, we believe in looking after you, the person who's died and the planet in the best way possible. Our goal is to take time to understand your needs and wishes, offering choices and ensuring every detail is carefully considered and taken care of. Respect for the environment is also very important to us, with a range of sustainable choices available and a commitment to minimising our own environmental impact.

Our Fresh Approach To Funerals

We are a modern woman led independent funeral specialist service based on kindness and hospitality, understanding that everyone has different needs. Everything that we do at Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors is built on empathy, choice and providing value. We appreciate we’re all unique in life, so our funerals should be too. Beyond that, our fundamental belief of how we treat the living, the departed and our planet matters to us, so we want to create a positive impact.

So we share our strength, compassion, flexibility and guidance in times of death, serving all faiths and cultures with understanding, dignity and by offering many types of funerals. Whether you chose a traditional or natural burial, unattended direct or attended cremation, or repatriation, we offer a comprehensive range of coffins, vehicles, flower arrangements, hospitality and catering services so you can curate a celebration of life in honour of the person we are commemorating.

Our specialist knowledge understands that grief can be all consuming so we can walk alongside you as a bereaved family (or with you individually during your end of life planning journey) tailoring our support to your individual needs. We are here to guide you through every step of the funeral process empowering you to make the decisions that are right for you. We know a meaningful funeral can be a healing experience, so we take time to listen and offer suggestions during the careful planning so that it will reflect the very essence of the life we are celebrating whether thats in a quiet way or a flamboyant style. And our doors will remain open to you after the funeral enabling us to build a community for the bereaved and offer comfort and shared experience at our regular coffee mornings and talks.

Being ethical in our approach doesnt stop there. We strive for a positive social impact in our wider communities too as a force for good coupled with our sustainability goals. We commit to our food bank involvement to help those not to go hungry, to help military veterans into employment giving them structure and skills by planting trees which in turns helps combat climate change, to supporting patient's experience at our local hospital to our inhouse policies and procedures reducing our carbon footprint.

Amanda-Louise Modern Funeral Directors at 3 Blenheim Road, Minehead, TA24 5PY

Our Values & Ethos

Having grown from a funeral director focusing on care of a body and making funeral arrangements, we developed a personal, ethical, caring service, an approachable face to trust, being able to supply anything you may need for a funeral, memorial or celebration of life event. We live and work in the community means we care about people in our locality, so we put back and support in various ways.

We understand many of us do not want to talk about funerals, but by changing assumptions and by us doing this in the right way, we demystify death, funerals and how to honour a life, so we are doing everything we can to help this happen.

Professional Standards

We are a professional business with positive values and behaviours. We ensure everyone is protected with our compliance and governance of our quality policies, procedures and our terms of business.


We take great pride in everything that we do. Our aim is that everyone in the team shares those values


Our business is built on kindness to help people after their death and to support the bereaved to make arrangements to have a funeral thats right for their wants and needs. We know funerals and grief are not just for one day, so we open our doors to host informal events, community support and practice advice to anyone who has been bereaved. Contact Amanda-Louise is you would like her to come and give a talk - our advance planning funeral wishes, options about funerals and how to support a grieving family are popular topics.


We value diversity, and treat everyone with the same courtesy, dignity and respect. We are transparent about pricing and work within your wishes and budget that is right for you without judgement. We value confidentiality and being discreet too.


We are responsible for our own actions.


As a modern funeral director it means that we dont need to have offices in every town in Somerset and Devon to serve our communities; that way it helps us to keep our costs down as well as our carbon footprint. Being mobile means we come out and visit our clients in the comfort of their own homes, or within our beautiful office in Minehead or via virtual meetings with zoom. We work office hours, as well as being available by appointment out of hours too.


We will reflect, to continue to improve and learn, to always improve our services.


We are focused on changing the narrative and perceptions of funeral directors and the supply services to be a positive experience. We welcome families who want to participate in the care of their departed love one if they choose to, to answer any questions gently but honestly and to respectfully challenge the ethos of 'it has to be done that way'. We welcome a society talking about funeral wishes thats acceptable and comfortable to talk about.

Our tasteful funeral home lounge at Amanda-Louise Funeral Services, provides a tranquil space to chat over a cup of tea planning a funeral
Amanda-louise Funeral Directors Taunton

Our focus is on offering people practical help and personal support. Our guidance will help you understand all aspects of preparation and arranging a funeral.

We have tried to cover every aspect of the funeral process however you are welcome to contact us on 07879 220 046 if you have any further questions or need any advice.

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We offer a extensive range of caskets, urns, flower arrangements, cars and hearses all designed to make planning a funeral as easy as possible.

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