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Adding Meaning & Personality To a Funeral

At Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors, we recognise there is "no one size fits all" and there are many ways to create an authentic, meaningful service that is relevant and true to the life that was lived.

We know even the little touches can make a funeral, memorial or celebration of life occasion meaningful demonstrating the essence of the person's spirit. Our aim is to provide ease and choice for you, so our in-house services and products provide additional extras, so you can add a sense of personality and meaning to a funeral.

Our Products & Services

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Choose the funeral that’s right for you

Our services are designed to be flexible, so you can have a funeral or memorial service that you meets you want, need, and afford. We’ll listen to what's important to you and talk through things at your pace to ensure you are comfortable with the plans from the biggest decisions to the smallest detail. If the person who has died has specific requirements, then we will work with you to respect their wishes.  We aim to provide everything that you may want for your perfectly tailored occasion, so you can focus on what's important for you. 

Our advice to you is to first think about the tone and style to discover your perfect tribute - do you want a cremation or burial, how many mourners do you wish to attend, is it to be an informal occasion, a sense of tradition with rituals and funeral etiquette, is it to be a more sombre occasion or a celebration of life, or is a green funeral that's kinder on our environment important to you for example?

Next, we’ve put together some of our suggestions below to create a personally tailored funeral that reflects the person we are about to honour and hold space for.

Where Will It Be?

You can choose any crematorium for the cremation and hold the funeral ceremony there too, or if you would prefer a more personal venue, we can for example, organise to use your local religious or village hall, your back garden, sports club, restaurant, hotel, to a castle to an exclusive walled garden venue with marquee where we've hosted before. There’s so many possibilities of venues, and options too. For example, if you want to hold the ceremony in the alternative venue with the coffin present and then we go to the cremation or burial later that day, or next morning. Alternatively why not simply hold a gathering in our cozy surroundings to celebrate the life?

Many cemeteries have church halls or natural woodland burial sites have ceremony spaces too to consider in a more peaceful environment. There are so many possibilities, so talk to us about your perfect fit venue location.

Choose the right coffin for you

We have a large selection from different styles, materials, colours and prices; all of which can be a focal point to express personality.From traditional solid wood, to wood products, coffins with photos or those engraved with designs or various shades of the rainbow or glitter to add sparkle, to the eco-friendly biodegradable options of cardboard to the beautiful locally handcrafted natural wicker to seagrass range.

Our coffins come in a variety of shapes and sizes too.

We’ve handpicked some favourites in our catalogue of coffins, caskets and urns, but if you seen something you like that’s not listed then just let us know and we’ll do our best to source it for you.

And you'll be helping to create a greener future, as we plant a tree with every coffin purchased from us!

In Memory Of

Flowers can be reflective of the person who has died complimenting their tastes from an array of designs, types or seasonal, to be placed around or on top of the coffin but can also bring beauty to the venue too.

Our florists can provide fresh or artificial silk arrangements that can also be recycled, or perhaps simply bring flowers from your own garden to pay tribute keeping the costs down yet offering that personal touch.

Donating money to a favoured charity can be another tribute in memory. We can help you do this, and can provide our online funeral page providing details of all arrangements.

Our ceremony accessories prove to add those personal touches and heartfelt keepsakes, however simple or extravagant. Also, our professionally designed and produced Order of Service booklets are not only helpful to follow during the funeral ceremony but are a lasting memory.

We can support you to capture everyone's memories at a funeral reception as we can offer our memorial books and items to bring sentiment on a memorial table too. And after the cremation, we can help you keep those cremated ashes in a variety of different ways from jewellery to commissioning art or into a firework or even a vinyl record; again we have a large range of ideas to bring comfort, should you not wish to scatter the ashes.

Choose the Right Transport For You

Hearses and passenger vehicles can determine how you want to travel. For those wanting to arrive traditionally, our elegant matching black hearse and limousine can be used with our professional drivers, or we can arrange for a horse and carriage hearse if you fancy arriving with grace. For those wanting something more discreet, we offer our private vehicle as hearse. Alternatively, why not consider some eye-catching options instead which often are popular for those enthusiastic of certain modes of hearse transport, such as motorcycle, tractor to different coloured traditional hearses!

We can also assist those passengers requiring mobility aided vehicles on request to travel to a funeral, or if you have people that need collecting from railways to airports, we can help with their transport too.

On the day of the funeral if agreed, family and friends could bear the coffin (subject to restrictions of crematoria or cemetery), and our professional pallbearers can support you with this, or a mixture of both. Talk to us also, if you want us to stop off at any favourite spot on the journey to our destination, or if you'd prefer us to bring the coffin home the night before, so that you can spend time with your loved one before the funeral the following day.

Holding Space For You

A funeral ceremony can be immensely powerful in terms of meaning and a healing process too for family and friends mourning. It’s a way not only to pay respects, it acknowledges their departure, recognises and honours their life to bring some closure holding onto those memories you now have to cherish.

Considering who will conduct the funeral service needs thought, not only in the right words or beliefs, but warmth in delivery, not only in celebrating a life but capturing the sentiment of emotion you wish to showcase. Anyone can lead the service from family to religious ministers, celebrants or humanists. We work with a wide range of excellent professional ceremony leaders, so if you haven’t got someone in mind already, we can find the right person for you.

Alternatively, our Funeral Director Amanda-Louise has been a public speaker for over 30 years, is qualified celebrant too, so do ask about her availability, if this is of interest.

Whether we are honouring a long or short life, an inspiring funeral ceremony is a perfect way to add personality when saying goodbye. Choosing readings or poems that resonate, poignant music or visual tributes are all helpful when grieving too, as well as a well written eulogy, so when the day arrives to say goodbye, it’s something that’s inspiring and to feel proud of.

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