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Our unrivaled care and support everyone is governed by our professional standards underpinned by our policies and procedures. Because how we treat the living, the departed and our environment really matters to us.

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What makes Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors different?

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services is owned by Amanda-Louise Knight BA (Hons) who lives in Somerset with her family and in Devon. Amanda-Louise, along with her team, is a different kind of funeral home offering a modern approach to funerals whilst respecting traditions of the past.

We are not a big corporate chain, nor operate from a call-centre out of county service, or an inherited business. Amanda-Louise set up this female led, ethical modern funeral company, as she cares making the whole funeral experience as positive as it can be for all the local community. We know planning a funeral is not just something that you ‘get through’, or grief is just on one day. It’s about connecting, discretion, empathy, about what a family and friends means to us. And that will be different for all of us.

It can be overwhelming, and each day can bring a new set of emotions following the loss of a family member, whether a death was expected or not, it’s not a time to feel pressured into making the wrong decisions. Funerals don’t have to look and feel the same. Our belief is we are all unique, so should our funerals, so we make it easy to create the funeral that you want. You’ll find us kind, thoughtful offering genuine choices to everyone, in a safe and welcoming environment.

That’s why its important for us to tailor our support. Some clients want us to provide clear guidance and direction, whereas others want clear information from us to empower them to make decisions right for them.

We look after the person entrusted into our care, with upmost dignity with gentle care as if they were our own family member with courtesy and respect. We feel lucky to work with diverse communities of people, from a variety of backgrounds, and we relish the opportunity of always learning and seeing our world in a variety of ways.

And we're experienced at multi cultural occasions paying careful consideration to getting things just right for cultural funerals, as well as military affairs that require the full honours they so deserve. Our pledge to being fully inclusive, LGBTQ+ and loving has afforded us to offer our creativity for those who wanted a flamboyant farewell to those who needed our sensitivity and confidentiality for their intimate goodbye where discretion was the upmost of importance for them.

With our wealth of experience working with children and bereavement, has enabled us to support our families where their parent, grandparent or someone close to them has died. We are honoured when parents come to us in such sad circumstances where their baby or child has died - we prefer not to just offer the simple services other funeral directors do in these circumstances, as we know these families need extra or more specialised support.

By being more than a funeral directors we offer everything under our one roof making planning easier that you may want or need for a funeral or hospitality celebration of life occasion, providing unrivaled value. At Amanda-Louise's, we know the big things are important, but our expertise recognises the little touches are the most heartfelt; often reminding us of the person who has died or elements that bring the family together - which is why we offer our carefully chosen comprehensive range of products in our catalogue that our families have come to cherish.

Being modern in our approach means we don’t need a high street funeral home in every town, as being mobile means, we come out to you, or meet you in our beautiful office, or connect virtually via zoom if that’s your preference.; and this helps us to keep our costs down and our carbon footprint reduced.

So, whether you want tradition with the full etiquette and honour with us in our elegant, tailored funeral attire to a more relaxed but smart style, we will meet your preference.

We know that we cannot make your sense of loss better, but we can help to make the planning and organisation of the funeral a little easier. We'll be that ear to listen, that shoulder to cry on and when you are ready that smile and laugh to share with, and on the day of the funeral, we'll be that reassuring presence having everything in order.

Being ethical means being transparent and honest in our approach. We are also passionate about giving back to our chosen charity and looking after our environment.

And finally we dont close our doors after the day of the funeral. We offer grief support, specialist bereavement therapy and our social bereavement coffee afternoon events.

Trust our experience, lean on us whenever you need us, wherever you are. We are here for our families 24 hours a day, and remember we truly believe there is no such thing as a 'silly question'.

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Our focus is on offering people practical help and personal support. Our guidance will help you understand all aspects of preparation and arranging a funeral.

We have tried to cover every aspect of the funeral process however you are welcome to contact us on 07879 220 046 if you have any further questions or need any advice.

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