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What makes us different from other Funeral Directors and Services?

Our unrivaled care and support everyone is governed by our professional standards underpinned by our policies and procedures. Because how we treat the living, the departed and our environment really matters to us.

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Providing Peace of Mind For You and Your Family

Making things easy as Possible

Breaking it down, most funeral directors focus on caring for the body entrusted in their care and arranging the last passage in life – a funeral whether that’s religious, semi religious, or non-religious. We do this too, but our approach simplifies processes, provide straight honest information, so you are in control to make the right decisions, and we will support and guide you, rather than dictate, through every step of the way, so that’s its meaningful and transformative for you. We know that a meaningful funeral can be a healing process for the bereaved with an opportunity to acknowledge loss, pay respects, honour and celebrate that life and to say goodbye.

You wont find us behind closed doors never to be seen, or online pushy sales of funerals or all about big corporate profits - we believe in looking after everyone as well as respecting our planet - we are open about how we care for the living, the departed and our environment. Above all else, we will give you straight forward honest advice and support you every step of the way.

With us, Amanda-Louise is at the helm of this women led caring funeral services, so a reassuring consistent presence is guaranteed!

Your Way

We know that everyone needs different support from us.  Some people want us to give clear guidance and direction.  Others want clear information about their options, so they can make the right choices for them. We specialise in responding to your needs.

So trust us - we acknowledge traditions or devise new ones with creativity, flair and imagination so when you need us, together we will create the right moment for you to treasure and right for you. Read what happens when you book our services

Simply Meaningful

We make it easy for you to create the funeral that you want.  We believe you are important and do not treat you as just another funeral, or something to help you ‘get through’.

Educational - we want to take the fear out of death, so if you want to see where your relative will be cared for and how they will be looked after, or simply want us to explain our processes when someone is brought into our care, then we will be open and transparent with you. Our talks around funeral planning are educational.


Supporting you and our planet is important to us. We offer a range of greener funeral options to minimise the impact on our environment and are more sustainable, if this is important to you. 

Read our commitment to you, our commitment to local businesses, and our commitment to our environment

Flexibility and Choice

But we go further. As well as providing the best send off in life you desire and need, we support those left behind. We do this so you avoid the fuss, as we take care of everything ourselves if you want us to, with attention to detail, on your behalf for the ceremony or memorial. We do not sell you with extras that you don’t want or need; simply help where needed in your own time. 

We Champion

We want to gently raise awareness of experiences around death, so that its not mystified; after all death is a part of life. By talking thoughtfully and sensitively about the practicalities can be empowering and comforting. We champion equality, diversity, sexuality, honour any religions and beliefs, knowing we are all individual in our wants and needs.  We encourage people to write down their wishes in the event of their death to personally capture that individuality and legacy, and we can help you to do this. This avoids the people who are left behind having to make uncertain decisions.

Your Wellbeing at our Heart

Funerals are immensely powerful for honouring and celebrating a life.  Many funerals have become uninspiring through lack of choice, and haven’t reflected the person’s life, however long or short.  We believe honouring a life can be a reflection and a celebration, so we support you creating an inspiring reflection of that person, to say goodbye and help you heal. 

Style and Tone

You are in control of the tone for the funeral.  We will, thoughtfully with care, spend time with you asking what matters to you and what you want to achieve, gently explaining the options open to you.  And as the day approaches, we are flexible to make any adjustments, answer questions, and be by your side giving you a reassuring presence.  We can lead the procession in full traditional attire, or something more gentle or even flamboyant as you wish, to set the tone you feel is right as we celebrate uniqueness by your side.  

Our Doors Remain Open to You

We care for the community, so our doors do not close to you after the funeral as there is no time limit when grieving. We continue to support you, building a community for bereaved and offer comfort to those who may feel alone and sad, and support through coffee mornings. We know adults and children may be confused with their feelings, so we go one step further offering professional grief therapy for those who need this.  

Amanda-Louise Funeral Home welcoming space to plan a funeral

Our Extra Value

Funeral Directors are not all the same. Here is our 10 point gift from Amanda-Louise offering her extra value:-

  1.   Our Pledge – your loved one remains in our local facilities supported with our safe and compliant policies and procedures, where you are welcome to spend time with your loved one and hold a funeral service day or evening 7 days a week
  2.   Our Compliments No Charge - Collecting clothing in the local area, our flower wreath placed on coffin if desired as sentimental touch, our online funeral notice page, and our seed packets (subject to availability) as a memento to plant wildflowers in memory
  3.   Our Funeral Home Exclusive To You - Our freshly designed funeral facilities can be used for your funeral reception with catering hospitality, or to hold your conducted funeral service with no restriction on time
  4.   The ability - for Amanda-Louise Funeral Director to personally come out to your home to discuss arrangements in detail, to be by your side throughout, to be that reassuring presence on the day of the funeral, and afterwards a warm welcome with open arms is always afforded to you
  5.   Our Compliments No Charge - Choice is very important to us, so you have the option for your short funeral ceremony to be conducted by Amanda-Louise (subject to availability) or lower celebrant charge for a full ceremony
  6.   Our Pledge Our Heart is Local – so we prefer to use only local crematoriums or cemeteries
  7.   Our Compliments No Charge - We believe that arranging a meaningful funeral can be a healing experience to support your grief journey. Amanda-Louise will personally support you and expertly guide you through the practical aspects and offer to help you create a fitting ceremony and celebration of life. Our in-house trained bereavement support for adults and children, and open invitations to join us for our bereavement coffee sessions after the funeral enabling a comfortable space and shared experiences
  8.   Our Partnerships - Access to specialist bereavement counselling for those needing therapeutic structured support
  9.   Our Pledge for the Planet & the Community – we are committed to reducing the carbon footprint, help repair the planet by planting trees as well as offering you greener choices, and providing positive social impacts with our charity work and involvement in the local community
  10.   Our Pledge to Ease the Burden – we offer to provide everything you may want or need for a funeral, memorial or celebration of life under our one roof helping to remove some of the stress from your shoulders. From floristry, vehicles, orders of service and ceremony accessories, catering to venue provision and memorabilia and keepsakes

Proud of What Makes Us Different

We are a new type of funeral director services with expertise, positive values, and high standards. 

Whilst we are a small independent funeral directors, we have a big heart. Our goal to provide a trusted funeral directors and services, and trust is at the centre of everything we do. Our values, policies and processes are designed to be transparent, to protect you, and your rights; creating a safe place for you to plan a funeral and in return, we can deliver an impeccable service.

Amanda-louise Funeral Directors Taunton

Our focus is on offering people practical help and personal support. Our guidance will help you understand all aspects of preparation and arranging a funeral.

We have tried to cover every aspect of the funeral process however you are welcome to contact us on 07879 220 046 if you have any further questions or need any advice.

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We offer a extensive range of caskets, urns, flower arrangements, cars and hearses all designed to make planning a funeral as easy as possible.

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