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Bereavement Support

This article looks at:

1.How Amanda-Louise Funeral Services guides their clients with bereavement support

2.Suggested video to watch

3.Links to useful external website with practical advice

4.Suggested bookts to read

5.Suggested podcasts to listen to

6.Suggested apps to connect to

We understand grief can be overwhelming, and not just hard to make decisions but also coming to terms with a loss of someone that was loved. Everyone experiences bereavement in different ways and at different times including adults and children, there is no right or wrong to feel. We know there may be days when you feel in control, and others days bring emotions that you may not understand or expect. Some people are more comfortable talking to friends and family about their loss, but for those that need help, it can be beneficial to seek more support.

Grief Support With Amanda-Louise Lady Funerals

Our Funeral Director Amanda-Louise is also trained in bereavement counselling, and understands that everyone responds to grief differently, so their needs will be different which is why our services are individual to each client. Briefly we offer:

We offer our online practical guides in helping to think about how to plan a funeral, our transparency of pricing and how it is broken down, as well as offering to supply everything our clients would want or need in a funeral, is aimed at taking the stress from our clients' shoulders.

If you choose us as your preferred funeral directors, we wont wont rush you, instead listening to your wishes and being that listening ear and offer practical grief support. Our expertise tells us that children often grieve differently to adults, so we offer our complimentary worksheets to help children come to terms with loss.

We also can offer art therapy child workshops that parents have told us were supportive in their understanding how their child felt, as well as giving safe and happy spaces for the children to honour their loved one during their activities.

We know having a good funeral can be meaningful and healing. It allows mourners to acknowledge the death, come terms with a loss, to pay tribute and honour that life in a variety of ways reflecting their personality and what they meant to their family or friends. So we support our clients to add personal touches that mean so much.

We now have a Grief Lending Library where you can come and borrow a book from our library as we know words can bring comfort and a chance to reflect supporting your healing journey. From bereavement advice to funeral poems to reflecting on life and love. Plus we also have a range of recreational books for while who want to immerse in a fiction book.

As we are more than just a funeral directors, we know people want to cherish memories forever, so we offer a range of beautiful keepsakes which we're told bring comfort to those grieving. And our doors do not close after the funeral to our clients.

We invite anyone, whether they used our services or not, to our social bereavement support groups. They are informal, facilitated by us, aimed at connecting over a cuppa with those who understand, to share stories and to bring a safe enjoyable time.

For those who require a more structured specialist therapy, we offer our partnered local specialist services aimed at 1:1 or groups, adults or children, and is particularly useful for those experienced a suicide or unable to come to terms with a death. Our partner service has to charge for their specialist services, independent to us, however, their specialism is highly valuable.

In summary, our grief support at Amanda-Louise's ranges from practical support, ear to listen, support service, network of community, and access to therapy to those needing more structured support.

What does grief feel like?

Grief can be painful, and the thought of getting over it or being told to move on is commonly not supportive. For some days arranging a funeral can be busy, then afterwards life returns to normal, often leaving you feeling alone and unsure how to deal with difficult emotions.

There will be days when its okay when you are not feeling your best. A variety of emotions and grief doesn’t come on set days.

As individuals, whether adults or children, we all have a personal way of dealing with bereavement and at different times. But we also know that society doesn’t talk openly about grief and what feelings we may experience from psychological to physical emotions. Some worry about whats ‘normal’. We recommend watching the Marie Curie video which shows real people sharing their experiences which you may find helpful.

Useful grief and bereavement supportive websites

Aimed at everyone:





Aimed at young adults:





Aimed at those who lost a partner before their 51st birthday


Aimed at those who've lost someone to Cancer or Covid-19



Aimed at those who've lost a child or are supporting bereaved children:








Aimed at those bereaved suddenly by death


Aimed at those bereaved through suicide


Aimed at those concerned about AIDS or HIV infection


Aimed at those bereaved or injured in a road crash


Local support services



Useful podcasts to listen to

Grief cast

Death: Love,grief, and hope

Terrible,Thanks For Asking

Useful bereavement books to read

Aimed at learning grief after someone you know who has died:

Grief works by Julia Samuel

It’s Ok That You’re Not Ok by MeganDevine

Michael Rosen’s Sad Book

Healing Your Grieving Heart for Kids by Alan D Wolfelt PhD

Scrambled heads – a children’s guide tomental health by Emily Palmer

Teenage Grief

In My Heartby Jo Witek

Hope beyond the headlines (supporting bereaved child through murder or manslaughter)by Winston’s Wish

Useful Apps to download

A Part of Me

Grief Works

Untangle Grief Support

We hope this guide has been supportive. By sharing and listening our aim is to offer understanding and reassurance to those who have lost someone they cared for at a sad and difficult time.

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Our focus is on offering people practical help and personal support. Our guidance will help you understand all aspects of preparation and arranging a funeral.

We have tried to cover every aspect of the funeral process however you are welcome to contact us on 07879 220 046 if you have any further questions or need any advice.

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