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Churches and Cemeteries

The perfect setting for a religious ceremony during a traditional burial funeral across Somerset and Devon

Our inspiration to add meaning and memories helps you, good causes and the environment too

Directory of Cemeteries Nearby

At the heart of our local community are a range of churches and cemeteries for burial services for your loved ones. Here at Amanda-Louise Independent Funeral Director Services, we support families in arranging burials across Somerset and Devon.

There are many things to think about when considering a burial as a funeral option, so Amanda-Louise helps her clients choose the right cemetery for them when purchasing a new grave plot. She works with all churches, cemeteries and woodland burial sites.

See below our directory, or click here for woodland and natural burial sites

Alternatively please contact us to discuss which funeral venue suits your needs the most.

Our emotional wellbeing, support and grief counseling can give you the help and counselling you need to deal with the loss of loved one. Our focus is on helping you every step of the way providing wrap around care before, during and after the funeral.

Emotional support & councilling

We offer emotional support & grief counseling as part of our service

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