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Alternative Funeral Ceremony Venues

Well appointed alternative funeral ceremony venues that bring serenity, beauty and easy access

Our inspiration to add meaning and memories helps you, good causes and the environment too

Alternative Funeral Venues To Honour a Life

At the heart of our local community is a variety of crematoriums, churches, cemeteries and woodland burial sites; the majority of them offering a chapel or space for family and friends to hold a a conducted funeral ceremony/service. And that's traditionally what many families choose to have.

But there is another way by holding the ceremony in an alternative venue, which many families tell us is more personal or calmer familiar surroundings or simply closer to the local community where they live.

We can help you create any kind of funeral service that you think would be fitting as a send off for your loved one or yourself. You can hold a funeral ceremony with family and friends, and we can present (if you wish) the coffin with all the dignity as you'd expect from us in a variety of alternative venues. Here are some suggestions:-

1)      In our own facilities – ideal for small numbers for a chance to say your farewells, or have a formal ceremony. We can supply light refreshments if you wish too.

2)      We book a nearby community hall close to your location (or religious centre),again we can supply refreshments

3)      We book your favourite hotel that is sympathetic to our needs

4)      As we have a wide network of services, we can recommend some unique venues that can offer marquee facilities too

5)      Or simply, you could hold this in your own home, and we will help you to do this.We can supply our catering facilities if you wish

Funeral Reception/Wake Venues

Many people want to opt for the traditional way of having their funeral service at the Crematorium, Church, or at the Woodland Burial Site. Click here for information in our area. Then they hold a separate gathering usually immediately afterwards, and invite all mourners to their funeral reception/wake so they can reflect and reminisce of their loved one, usually involving refreshments. Click here to see our recommended venues

Our emotional wellbeing, support and grief counseling can give you the help and counselling you need to deal with the loss of loved one. Our focus is on helping you every step of the way providing wrap around care before, during and after the funeral.

Emotional support & councilling

We offer emotional support & grief counseling as part of our service

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