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Quantock Road Cemetery is the well appointed facilities in Bridgwater and is easily reached by car and public transport.

It is set in beautifully landscaped grounds, and pleasant views. Full graves, cremated remains graves and memorials for remembrance are available. It has of parking including disabled access. Its reported that this cemetery has the last Gothic building to be built in Bridgwater, dating back to 1924 of its Chapel building onsite - this chapel can seat 38 plus standing room. An organ is available for your appointed musician to play.

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services is Independent Lady Funeral Director supporting communities in Bridgwater, Highbridge, across the Quantock Hills and West Somerset. Office in Minehead but regularly visits clients in their homes for their ease. Offers burial funeral services (unattended burials, traditional and bespoke burials, as well as internment of cremated ashes) here at Quantock Road Cemetery. Helps with practical and processes of paperwork and arrangements, undertaking services into her mortuary to care for deceased plus support and guidance when you need it the most. Contact Amanda-Louise personally on 07879-220046 or email:

Quantock Road Cemetery Address

Quantock Rd, Bridgwater TA6 7EJ

Prices - Quantock Road Bridgwater Cemetery

For a single plot £380 but double and triple plots are available, plus other fees and maintenance costs.

If you are looking for a burial in Bridgwater, Book With Amanda-Louise Funeral Services 07879 220046


*All pricing quoted is subject to change without notification
From £380

Traditional Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

From £2440 (our funeral directors fees) + third party disbursements - example total £3428

Your Way Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Funeral Director Fees from £1400

Funerals for Military & Veterans With Honours

Contact Amanda-Louise today for a personalised quotation

Babies & Children Funerals

From £500

At Home Funerals

Help and support for home funerals

Legally you don't need a funeral director to organise a funeral or to care for the person who has died, you can do this yourself. If you would like to do this, but still want some help, we are happy to oblige. Our professional charges include our time, support and help with transport

Our Prepaid Funeral Prices

Why Choose a Prepaid Funeral Plan

By choosing a prepaid funeral plan, this is a simple and practical way to let your loved ones know that everything is taken care of. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Removes financial burden – as the funeral plan will be paid up front or in monthly instalments, this can reduce the financial burden on loved ones when the time comes.
  • Can alleviate emotional stress - planning your funeral beforehand alleviates the added stress, but also provides a caring solution to reduce emotional stress on your loved ones.
  • Funeral Director fees are fixed – although funeral plan prices may fluctuate due to inflation, by choosing an Open Prepaid Funeral plan, the price of the funeral directors professional services is fixed at the time the plan has been bought – meaning that your plan is safe for years to come.
  • Contribution to Core Disbursements – your contribution to disbursements is not currently guaranteed to there is a possibility that at the time of need, in relation to disbursements only, your family may have to contribute to the cost of these if the plan value is lower than the at need cost at the time.
  • Individual personalisation – by choosing a prepaid funeral plan, you can decide on the theme of your own funeral yourself, and ensure that everything is to your taste and personal preference ahead of the time.

By choosing a local independent funeral director with Open Prepaid Funerals, you can receive a high-quality experience along with the expertise required – allowing you to be safe in the knowledge your funeral is taken care of when the time comes. Simply get in touch with us and we will arrange an appointment with an Open adviser or you can contact Open directly on 0330 660 0072 to get the process started.