Our Natural Materials Coffin Range (seagrass/banana leaf/cane/coco stick or europeon wicker) - an eco-friendly choice

Environmentally friendly coffins are becoming more popular these days, so we offer a variety of choices. Here are some that are sourced from further afield:-

European Willow Wicker - The willow is carefully woven onto a strong wooden frame.All our European willow coffins are supplied and fitted with 8 rope handles, cotton lining and a cotton pillow. Ideal for natural burial or cremation. Available in curved end or traditional shape From £675

Banana Leaf - To create this coffin, yarns of golden leaf from the banana plant are twisted then woven together. Its created with a strong inner wooden frame with a hand woven banana leaf outer shell. Comes with a natural unbleached calico lining.  In square or traditional shape

Seagrass - A popular choice, is our Somerset handwoven coffin made using yarns of twisted seagrass and finished with cane, top and bottom From 925

Bamboo - A traditionally shaped bamboo coffin which is tasteful and naturally beautiful.Ideal for those looking fora greener coffin, as bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. Natural in colouring, simple in design. Can be beautifully decorated with interweaving with flowers and foliage.

Alternatively there is our cardboard basic option to our cardboard premium range

Exact costs vary depending on size and coffin accessories, subject to availability

Part of our natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly coffins


*All pricing quoted is subject to change without notification
£695 to £995
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