Our Sussex Premium Oak Veneered Coffin With Raised Lid and Side Panels

Our Sussex coffin range is our top of our wood effect veneered coffins. The panels are machined deeply to provide both shape and a contrast to the veneered surface. All are FSC accredited and FFMA certified.

Available in:

Raby - An Oak style veneer coffin with deep routered Penshaw panel sides, ends and raised lid.

Auckland - A Mahogany style veneer coffin with deep routered panel sides, ends and raised lid polished in light Mahogany.

Langdale -An Oak style veneer coffin finished with antique shading to highlight the Penshaw panels and raised lid.

Exact costs vary depending on size and coffin accessories. Price shown is for cremation, burial coffin approx +£20


*All pricing quoted is subject to change without notification

Your Way Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Funeral Director Fees from £1400

Traditional Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

From £2440 (our funeral directors fees) + third party disbursements - example total £3428

Simple Cremation

Our Simplified funerals

We make it easy for you to choose the right type of funeral choice for you. See below if this is your perfect choice with Amanda-Louise.

Our fees from £1788 plus third party disbursements up to £889 - Example Total £2677

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