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North Devon Crematorium is situated in Barnstaple and offers well appointed chapel facilities, set in beautiful well maintained extensive grounds with car parking for around 130 vehicles including disabled bays. It has 2 chapels called Rowan and Aspen they both have facilities to play music and watch videos or photo slide shows, plus live streaming for those who cannot attend to watch in their own home.

Has toilets and a quiet room. It is reported to be one of the largest crematoriums in England seating up to 250 people, offering beautiful glass doors instead of curtains to close during the committal.

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services is Independent Lady Funeral Director supporting communities in Tiverton, Barnstaple and surrounding areas. Office in Minehead but regularly visits clients in their homes for their ease across Devon. Offers cremation services(unattended cremations, simple cremations, traditional and bespoke cremations) here at North Devon Crematorium. Helps with practical and processes of paperwork and arrangements, undertaking services into her mortuary to care for deceased plus support and guidance when you need it the most. Contact Amanda-Louise personally on 07879-220046 or email:

North Devon Crematorium Address

Old Torrington Road, Barnstaple, Devon EX31 3NW

Prices – North Devon Crematorium

Full Chapel time with Cremation  - £810 – service time 40 min plus 10 mins to enter/exit chapel from 10am to 4pm Mon-Fri) (for service extension time £230)

Early Morning Chapel time with Cremation - £700 (Mon - Fri 9am, chapel time 15 mins plus 10 mins to enter/exit chapel)

Cremation Only (unattended except for funeral director team) - Mon-Fri £450 or £350 if local resident

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*All pricing quoted is subject to change without notification
from £350

Cremation Only

Essentials Only: Upon request from our client, our cremation only choice involves our transferring someone from the hospital into our care as place of rest until cremation, support you with paperwork for the crematorium, provide of a simple coffin and transfer to local crematorium at the appointed time.

Optional Extras: Opportunity to spend time with them whilst in our care and to have them dressed in their clothing. Have an organised gathering in our funeral home to pay tribute. In our care over 2 weeks. Meet you at your own home to discuss arrangements and complete paperwork.

Prices Range from £1495 to £1995 (inclusive of all essential fees)

Simple Cremation

Our Simplified funerals

We make it easy for you to choose the right type of funeral choice for you. See below if this is your perfect choice with Amanda-Louise.

Our fees from £1788 plus third party disbursements up to £889 - Example Total £2677

Traditional Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

From £2440 (our funeral directors fees) + third party disbursements - example total £3428

Your Way Funeral (Cremation or Burial)

Funeral Director Fees from £1400

Funerals for Military & Veterans With Honours

Contact Amanda-Louise today for a personalised quotation

Babies & Children Funerals

From £500

At Home Funerals

Help and support for home funerals

Legally you don't need a funeral director to organise a funeral or to care for the person who has died, you can do this yourself. If you would like to do this, but still want some help, we are happy to oblige. Our professional charges include our time, support and help with transport