Plantable Seed Paper Funeral Favours

Ideal to give as favours at funeral to plant in memory

These thoughtful handmade seed paper tags that when they come into contact with water and soil, the paper dissolves away and the seeds that are embedded within the paper grow into beautiful native British wildflowers.

The tags are perfect for guests to write a short message of remembrance on. They can then be tied to balloon strings, hung on a memory tree, or placed in a basket on a memory table, to be taken home by the family and planted as a lasting reminder of their loved one.

These plantable seed paper tags are handmade in the UK from paper containing the following native British wildflower seeds: Meadow Buttercup, Ox-Eye Daisy, Musk Mallow, White Campion, Yarrow and Meadow Grass.

Pack size: 10 tags
Dimensions: Tags measure approx 7.5cm x 5cm. They are supplied without string


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