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December 9, 2022

15 alternative coffins that are bound to turn heads

When you are planning a funeral, one way to personalise a funeral ceremony is in the coffin chosen. Nowadays with such a variety available, we take a brief look at alternative coffins that are eye catching and unusual.

Spring time - A popular choice for the gardeners, this daffodil picture coffin brings a pop of colour. The flower typically is defined by their bursting into flower in early spring.

Under the Sea - A pop of underwater colour from this coral reef picture coffin, and is a great way to personal a funeral service. Made from wood product, this is a sturdy coffin perfect for those diving enthusiasts!

In the Garden - another photo coffin designed for the gardeners as a tribute to their hobbies and love of outdoors.

All that glitters - this is bound to bring glamour to the farewell with these glitter coffins. Made from wood product, they are available in a variety of colours, with or without the glitter

Rainbow wicker coffins are popular choice in a eco-friendly range. Available from European suppliers or hand weaved locally here in Somerset by talented weavers who make a variety of natural or coloured range in wicker, willow, and bamboo materials. Ideal for woodland burials, traditional burials or cremations. This rainbow version we have nicknamed 'wizard of oz' as brings back memories of that popular tune 'somewhere over the rainbow'

Cardboard - these range in budget to premium in options suitable for woodland burials or cremations. In natural buff colours or this one is woodland forest. Cardboard coffins are a great way to personalise a funeral as families and friends can easily write messages on top of the coffin or at the sides.

Ahoy Sailor - this picture coffin breaks the mould for those wanting to be buried in a giant seascape scene

Its a Goal - for every footballers send off, this coffin is an ideal tribute for the football mad amongst us.

Down on the farm - we are so amazed at the range of creative coffin themes. This eye catching design depicting tractors and working on the farm, is surely a favourite for our hard working farmers?

Living coffins - we think this is the ultimate eco-friendly coffin, made from natural materials of willow and weaved with living foliage

Picture coffins - these must be the ultimate in personalising a funeral with your very own photos used. The coffin made from wood products where the lid and the side panels can be made from your photos

And there's the personalised coffins - traditional in shape, these can be engraved in any name using a variety of fonts and available in range of colours too. These are popular choice for those wanting a traditional look with a personal touch added.

For the cat lovers, this wood veneered coffin has been engraved with the owner's favourite pet providing the purfect sentiment

Soft woolen coffins provide a softer approach in comparison to the traditional wooden materials. Ideal for those seeking an eco-friendly coffin, these can be used for natural burials or cremations, and are a study alternative.

Leafcocoon is the ultimate going back to nature range of alternative coffins available. Made of felt this wraps around the person lying on a strong wooden frame. Handmade in Devon, this is another local supplier in the west country offering eco-friendly coffins.

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