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Can my dog be involved in my funeral?

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services
February 11, 2024

Can Dogs Go to Funerals?

Here at Amanda-Louise Funerals, we understand that our beloved pets are part of the family unit which is why we also support families who want to include the dog in the day of the funeral too. It could be the person who has died's pet or perhaps one of the mourners's canine companion whereby the four legged presence brings comfort to many.

We talk to Amber from Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Services about their views on dogs at funerals.

Here at Amanda-Louise Lady Funeral Director Services, they know dogs are part of the family

The team at Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Services are not just there to support wedding couples' dreams of including their dog on their big day, but also can provide chaperone and pet sitting duties for families on the day of the funeral too.

Speaking with Amber from the dog chaperone services, she said:-

"We aim to provide the best care for your dog on important days of families lives - the well being of your dog is our number one priority. Whilst we started at wedding days, our reputation has grown, so we now extended our reach on other heartfelt days when families need support for their furry babies, so we will be there for them for whatever reason".
The team at Somerset Wedding Day Dog Chaperone Services also support families on the day of the funeral with their pet sitting needs

Amber said their team provide complete peace of mind, they will attend the funeral with the dog and ensure they are looked after taking the stress off the family's shoulders but still having the comfort of having the dog there, or alternatively will simply pet sit at the family home while everyone is at the funeral.

When providing a plus one for your dog during the funeral service, many dogs wont need a comfort break during the ceremony but if they do, they will quietly slip out so not to disturb anyone. She said they always come prepared for all their comfort needs!

"Its been well researched that the simple act of petting a dog increases the serotonin and dopamine levels in our brain, which helps improve our mood by lowering stress, so dogs can be that perfect morale booster."

What they have found is that dogs at funerals provide a calming influence, and many crematoriums and cemeteries dont mind having a well behaved dog at their venues and their team would always keep them on their leads. Or with the up rise of alternative funeral venues, some families want to have their funeral ceremony held in their own home, hotel or village hall, as a less clinical environment, so those alternative funeral ceremony venues can be a perfect idea to include the dog too.

Amber went on to say:-

"dogs often break tension and reduce anxiety, so including your dog with all the mourners can be a healing process. A dog at a funeral is symbolic of the shared love between the owner and the dog. But we know not everyone has a passion for the love of dogs and wants to be around a dog at a funeral, so our clients let us know whom to avoid! Alternatively being DBS checked, we can pet sit in the comfort of their own home so their dog has a day of their usual routines."

If you want to find out more about their professional services, for either as funeral dog chaperone or pet sitting services on the day of the funeral, email Amber

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