We're Good Funeral Awards Nominee 2023

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services
February 10, 2024

Nominated for Funeral Director of the Year 2023

We’re very proud to announce that Amanda-Louise Funeral Services was nominated for the national title of Funeral Director of the Year in the AGFD Good Funeral Awards 2023 who recognise excellence in the world of funerals.

Customers and businesses send their nominations to the AGFD of who they think is the most deserving funeral services, then its independently decided who receives the awards within their wide range of categories, by a panel of judges.

Amanda-Louise Funeral Director said:-

I'm so very humbled by being nominated, so thank you! Its a super endorsement of my steps of commitment to provide the best possible service in the community I'm proud to serve. There was such a high volume of competition whilst I didnt make into the finals, I heatedly applaud everyone who did.
As a forward thinking funeral directors, continuous improvements are important to my business plans. So whilst I was able to offer green funerals, alongside the traditional funerals, I'm committed to offering a whole variety of choices so that people can make informed decisions as to whats right for them. And for those keen to consider their impact on our planet, our natural wicker coffins and less evasive care of the person has died, has been taken up by some of our families.
Amanda-Louise Funeral Director humbled as she was nominated for the prestigious Good Funeral Awards 2023

Our Labour of Love Continues

As we head towards the Good Funeral Awards opening for their 2024 nominations, we have taken further steps in our forward thinking caring service business.

The response we have received from our families of our women's understanding and support, sees us soon to welcome another lady funeral director to accompany Amanda-Louise on her quest to provide the best possible service, and are excited in our quest to search for more local biodegradable coffin choices and suppliers. Our desire to empower families to make their own choices on their farewell has see us move away from packages and organise advance funeral planning events so that families can come together to talk openly, as well as having the opportunity to take a tour with Amanda-Louise to visit the local crematoriums to see how they work.

And our social impact and sustainability commitment has been growing.

Getting involved in our local community has always been important to us so we were glad to support the West Somerset Food Bank Cupboard, who provide emergency food supplies to those in need. We open our doors to receive those donations of food supplies from our neighbours on behalf of the food bank, and our community spirit offered fee refreshments and a chance of social interaction with us to get to know us.

We care about our younger and future generations leaving them a kinder environment, so whilst our innovative partnership with Tree Nations helping them plant more trees overseas, we wanted to do more. So we have recently collaborated with the Cert B Charity, Carma Earth, who support veterans and leavers improving their mental health by planting trees in the UK, as well as helping them back into employment. Not only are we able to support planting more trees in the UK, we can even track how we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Our labour of love shows we are not only committed to providing a personal caring service to those in their final hour, but also to the living and our future generations!

For more information go to or contact Amanda-Louise on 07879-220046 or email

Amanda-Louise Lady Funeral Directors are committed to social impact and sustainability
Amanda-Louise Funeral Services
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