How to Write an Eulogy

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February 10, 2024

12 tips for writing a moving eulogy

An eulogy is a funeral tribute that someone will make during the funeral service.

Writing a eulogy in preparation of a funeral can be a difficult and emotional task, but it is also an important opportunity to honour the life and memory of a loved one who has passed away. A heartfelt eulogy allows family and friends to reflect on their life, some of what you will say will be familiar with those listening, and for some, its new information. We shouldnt under estimate the importance of this part of the funeral ceremony, as if allows people to process the death in their mind, and to try and connect with their feelings too. Many families feel great comfort from listening to a thoughtful eulogy reminiscing about their loved one.

Here are some tips to help you write a moving eulogy:

Gather information: Start by gathering information about the person's life, such as their accomplishments, hobbies, personality traits, and relationships. Talk to family members, friends, and colleagues to get a sense of their perspective on the person; that way you will get a balanced perspective.

Consider the audience: Think about who will be attending the funeral or memorial service and what they might want to hear. Keep in mind that the eulogy is not just for the deceased, but also for the living who are there to pay their respects. You could include memories with certain people.

Choose a theme: Consider choosing a theme or central message for the eulogy, such as the person's kindness, sense of humor, or resilience. This can help guide your writing and create a cohesive narrative. You dont have to write it including everything they have done since birth until death, as likely you wont have time for that, so pick out the key points.

Use personal anecdotes: Share personal stories and anecdotes that illustrate the person's character and impact on others. These can be funny, touching, or both.

Be honest: Don't be afraid to acknowledge the person's flaws or challenges, but also focus on their positive qualities and accomplishments.

You Can Include Humour: of course funerals are a sad time, but that doesnt mean the memories of the person has to be solemn.

Short and Sweet: the most success tributes are concise choosing the best moments to share, rather than go on and on - remember people do not absorb everything that is said.

Keep to Time : Ask the funeral organiser how long you have got for the eulogy, and do keep to the time you have been given! This is very important if it is a cremation service.

Conclusion : End on something that you want everyone to remember about the person, or perhaps how much you will miss them

When During the Funeral Should You Read the Eulogy: that depends on the structure, but typically it is after the welcome.

Practice: Practice reading the eulogy out loud to get a sense of the timing and flow. It can also be helpful to have a trusted friend or family member listen and provide feedback.

My advice is to always read from your script. Funerals can be heart breaking, no-one is there to judge you on your presentation skills, they will forgive you if you trip up. Having your words written out, and reading from it is perfectly acceptable.

Make Eye Contact: its always a good idea, even if you are reading your prepared words, to make eye contact with the attendees; especially the next of kin as it shows sincerity

Remember that writing a eulogy is a way to honor the person's life and legacy, and to provide comfort and closure to those who are grieving. Take your time, be thoughtful, and trust your instincts to create a moving tribute to your loved one. And remember you are not reading the person's CV, keep to happy memories that you shared, or what they were passionate about in life.

Writing an eulogy for a loved one can be daunting, but here at Amanda-Louise Lady Funeral Directors & Celebrants provide top tips to make it less overwhelming
Keep the eulogy personal and authentic is one of the top tips Amanda-Louise Lady Funerals share
Funeral services can be an uplifting experience, mourners can learn something new about the person who has died
Writing a eulogy for a loved one is an important task to honour them. You can get inspiration from many sources, but as Amanda-Louise Lady Funeral Directors & Celebrants say "remember its not a CV!"

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