We talk about why Amanda-Louise Funeral Services highly rate Sedgemoor Crematorium in Somerset.

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March 27, 2023

Are you seeking a cremation funeral in Somerset?

If you are looking to arrange a cremation funeral then Sedgemoor Crematorium which is within easy driving distance from Junction 23 on the M5, speak to Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services is the best way to receive advice and guidance based on our experience.

We highly value Sedgemoor Crematorium, both for the venue as well as their team. The gardens are beautifully maintained, with views overlooking the countryside and is set in a peaceful area lying between Bridgwater and Highbridge. The purpose built chapel is very clean and feels peaceful. The team at Sedgemoor, headed by Manager Laura Williams, are all delightful to work with. Sedgemoor is part of the Westerleigh Group. They offer for anyone to visit the crematorium should you wish to have a look around.

Booking a funeral at Sedgemoor Crematorium

If you have appointed us, we will take care of all of the paperwork on your behalf. We also have access to the diary at the crematorium, so we can easily see availability.

If on the other hand you want to organise your own funeral direct with the Crematorium, then book an appointment with the Registrar to register the death, and they will give you a Death Certificate and a Certificate for burial or cremation (otherwise known as green form). If however the death has been reported to the Coroner then it will take longer time. To book a cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium they will require some official forms to be completed, which we at Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services can help you complete and submit. These include the Cremation Application Form, submission of the Cremation Form 4 (which is completed by a doctor, currently the fee for that is £82) and the Green Form. If however, the death was reported to the Coroner and a post-mortem was required, then a different form, Cremation Form 6 is required (then you do not need to pay for the Form 4). Should the death have occurred at a hospital, you will need to inform the Patient Affairs or Bereavement Office who you have appointed as your funeral director. This then allows us to liaise with them to obtain the necessary paperwork.

Booking a cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium

If you have appointed us as your funeral director, we will help you complete, check and submit all the necessary forms. We also have access to the diary at the Crematorium, so you can liaise directly with us to choose a date and time for the service.

How much does a cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium cost?

The cremation fee depends on the timing of the cremation. For services from 10am onwards, there is a standard fee, however if you choose an early morning service (starting at 9am or 9.30am) this fee is reduced. The up-to-date amounts are shown on our dedicated page for Sedgemoor Crematorium. Do bear in mind that these are just the crematorium fees. They can also offer weekend funerals.

How much time do you get for a cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium?

The standard service time is 40 minutes, with an additional 10 minutes allocated for those attending to enter and exit. This can be extended for an additional fee for a double service, giving you up to an hour in the Chapel.

Inside the Chapel at Sedgemoor Crematorium

The cremation service at Sedgemoor Crematorium

A uniformed Chapel Assistant is always on hand at each service, and the chapel can hold up to 100 people sitting, plus more if standing. They have a screen on the wall to display photos, slides and they have a music system with pa equipment, and can offer webcasting and recording of the funeral if you desire. As we walk into the chapel it feels very inviting and has silk flowers as decor. In the centre there is a catafalque where we would place the coffin, and either side are curtains which can close or remain open until everyone has left the chapel. At the front by the catafalque there is a wooden lectern where the ceremony leader will stand to conduct the funeral. The lectern has a built in microphone so everyone can hear.

Mourners will exit via a side door and come out to a covered pathway, where we would place any flower tributes for you to view if you wish. These can be left there, and the crematorium will leave them in situ for around 3 days. The crematorium also has toilet facilities, and a family room. There is plenty of parking including disabled facilities.

You can choose from live music or organist performing. Whether you wish for a low key no fuss service or something more elaborate at Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services we can help you create a personal bespoke service. The Chapel can provide religious or non religious services. We can assist you also to book a Minister or a Celebrant that suits your tone and style.

For more advice on planning the cremation service see arranging a funeral.

Covered area to stand and view flowers

What happens after the cremation?

You may wish to organise a funeral reception at the local pubs and hotels. Alternatively here at Amanda-Louise Funeral Services, we can arrange for catering in your own home for your wake. We can collect the ashes for you and arrange collection or delivery – or you can opt to have the ashes scattered at Sedgemoor Crematorium in their garden, which is beautifully maintained.

Sedgemoor Crematorium grounds

How to find Sedgemoor Crematorium

Lying between Highbridge and Bridgwater, on the A38 at Stretcholt, and easy driving distance from Junction 23 on the M5.

When you turn into the grounds, you will see the main car park in front of the Chapel. To the left is the family room, and to the right of the Chapel is the toilets.

Contact details for Sedgemoor Crematorium:

The address is Sedgemoor Crematorium, Stretcholt, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA6 4SR.

Sedgemoor Crematorium office: 01278 680020

Email: Sedgemoor@westerleighgroup.co.uk

Website: https://www.sedgemoorcrem.co.uk/index.php

At Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services, we can arrange a simple No Fuss Direct Cremation which is an unattended funeral. For those who feel that funeral is too remote, we can arrange a no fuss pre-10am cremation, typically attended with Amanda-Louise our Funeral Director is a small group of the deceased's family members as an opportunity to say goodbye without the need for a funeral ceremony. The other option we arrange a fully personalised funeral ceremony service at Sedgemoor Crematorium which may include a service led by a celebrant or minister.

Please call us on 07879220046 to discuss organising a cremation at Sedgemoor Crematorium or email us today to find out more.

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