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January 8, 2023

Sample Script For Funeral Services - In Loving Memory

We have put together a structure below to show you how to start to write a funeral ceremony script in honour of a loved one. This one is fairly basic in its structure, but it gives you the stepping stone to start to fill in to make it personal when celebrating a life and paying your respects, as you say goodbye. Do remember there is no right or wrong how a funeral should be conducted, we are all unique in life so funerals should reflect the personality, and character of the person.

If you feel writing your own funeral service is too much stress for you, then you may consider to appoint an Independent Celebrant to conduct the funeral, or even ask a friend or relative to do it. Our advice would be if you are choosing a non-professional then please check they can keep to the time limits, as services at Crematoriums are restricted on time and mustn't overrun. The Celebrant would be trained in this area, and can assist you with poems or readings you may wish to add, along with music choices and visual elements you may wish to consider.

Alternatively for our families who choose us to be their Funeral Director in Somerset and Devon, as we are trained Celebrants too, if available, we can deliver a funeral service as well as conducting every aspect of the funeral director duties.

Sample Simple Crematorium Funeral Service Script - Non Religious

Deceased’s Name

Date of Birth – Date of Death

Details of Crematorium

Date and Time of Funeral

Processional (Entry)

*Family to already be seated in the chapel / Family wish to walk behind the coffin

Celebrant & Funeral Director to walk into chapel, followed by pallbearers carrying coffin to be placed on the catafalque

Music to Enter Chapel:  XX by XX

Words of Welcome

We welcome everyone to our chapel today, (*and to say hello to those watching via the webcam)

We are here today to pay our respects and celebrate the life of XX

They leave behind XX whom I know this must be one of the most difficult of days for you.

Talk about what the person meant to those attending, how they impacted their life,how they may be feeling, then to let everyone know we are here in sorrow but in celebration of a life, and in that celebration, we will now pay tribute to their life by sharing our eulogy

Eulogy Tribute

May I invite XX good friend XX to come up to the lectern to pay tribute

XX reads the eulogy


Find a suitable poem that reflects the person, or perhaps what they meant to the mourners


We will all have our own memories of XX, some of them shared some of them individual to each of us. Please lets spend a few moments when we listen to our next musical tribute called XX . I invite you to use this time to say something quietly to XX. Those of you who are believers may care to take this time to pray or simply to take this time to reflect on the meaning of XX’s life had for you, and your happy times together.

Music to Reflect : XX by XX

So family and friends, we have been reflecting and celebrating the life of XX with affection and pride, our time has now come to commit our memories to our hearts and minds and to say our final farewell to her/him. So, if you are able, please stand.


*Curtains will be closed after committal/leave open until exit

XX your life we honour, your departure we accept, your memory we cherish. And although there is grief today as we say goodbye, there is gratitude for your life. We are truly grateful for the privilege of having shared life with you.But rest now at the end of your days. Rest in the hearts and mind of all those who love you. And so, with love we shall leave you in peace, And with respect we bid you a fond farewell as we now commit your body to be cremated.

Please be seated

Closing Words

When someone passes that played an unique part in our lives can cause us grief, and grief is different for us all.  So please do remember to look after yourselves, and spend time talking about XX as talking and remembering will always keep them close to our hearts.

XX would like me to thank you for attending today, and for all the kind words and support you have offered. *And we will shortly say goodbye to those via the webcam

Amanda-Louise our Funeral Director will shortly lead us out of the chapel to the terrace where we will have an opportunity to view the flowers.

For those who wish to make a donation, the family have chosen XX charity in honour of XX’s memory.

As we leave, we will hear our final piece of musical tributes chosen by XX because it was one of XX’s favourite songs. I hope you will all find it special as XX found it to be, in your own travels in life.

The family warmly invite you after our service to XX to join them in some light refreshments in honour of XX and to share your stories about our wonderful friend XX. Perhaps you might wish to raise your glass in their honour.


Music to Exit : XX by XX

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