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February 11, 2024

What Is A Coroner and What Do They Do?

Coroners are completely independent and are appointed directly by the Crown. In brief the Coroners investigate deaths that have been reported to them. This would be because it may appear that:

  • the death was violent or unnatural
  • the cause of death is unknown, or
  • the person died in prison, police custody, or another type of state detention.
  • the deceased is unknown

In these cases, the Coroner must investigate to find out, who has died and how, when, and where they died. This is for legal purposes as well as the families. In some cases the Coroner will want to have a post-mortem carried out (this is typically performed by pathologists) and if the post-mortem shows an unnatural or unknown cause of death, the coroner may open an inquest. This is a fact-finding legal investigation which is open to the public.

A guide to the work of the Coroner is available from the the Ministry of Justice website

Will the funeral be delayed?

We understanding that delaying a funeral can be very distressing for the family.

A funeral cannot take place until the Coroner’s inquest has been completed and the cause of death established but whilst a post-mortem examination can delay funeral arrangements, an inquest should not unduly delay your loved one’s funeral.

Rest assured, the Coroner will contact us at Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors when the body is released to give us plenty of time to make the necessary arrangements for us to collect and bring your loved one into our care.

For further practical advance about what to do when a death occurs click here

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