Rain on Day of Funeral

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January 15, 2023

Holding a Funeral In Bad Weather

Rain on day of the funeral - is it an omen?

Its common to talk about superstition if it rains on a wedding day, but what if it rains on the day of a funeral?

Did you know back in Victorian times, rain during a funeral was seen as a sign of good luck as the person was more likely for their soul to go to Heaven. We know in Ireland this positivity is still strong. Having said that, if there was thunder, our Victorian ancestors weren’t so positive as it meant the soul was off to Hell.

In some cultures, rain is seen as renewal; Hinduism for example but on the other hand some countries wont bury their loved ones on a rainy day.

Whether you favour rain as a good omen, one thing in Britain we need to consider it may rain! So if you are planning a funeral, here’s how we prepare for the bad weather:-

What Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors Offers on a Rainy Funeral Day

at Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors, we delivery high class services to our families, come rain or shine

·        We ensure that everything is in order while the family wait in our limousine

·        Once we have done our checks, we will open the door for you and if raining, our umbrellas are ready to shelter you from the rain, escorting you to where you need to be

·        If you had planned an outdoor funeral service, we will have done the checks beforehand with weather watch to see if its likely to rain, and if so, our contingency planning would have reorganised a marquee or gazebo

·        If the ground is very wet, we may not bear on our shoulders and use a trolley instead – this is for everyone’s safety

·        We will have spoken to you reminding about outer layers of clothing for you to keep warm, and to avoid nice shoes you don’t want to get ruined - especially if a burial or internment of ashes at a graveside

·        Our staff will have wet weather clothing, as we care about everyone who works alongside us too

·        We will have explored with you the possibility of having a virtual funeral attendance – we can arrange for you, or those who cannot manage to attend a funeral in wet weather, to watch from the comfort of their own home via our web-link

·        We will have taken a note of all those attending, and present you with a list of names, as rain may hinder you from standing and talking to everyone  – you can use the list to know who attended and/or to write thank you notes to them if you wish

·        As experienced ceremony leaders, if we are officiating the service outside, our personally written ceremony script will be in our folder keeping dry (our secret is to have the folder upside down so that the water doesn’t go into the polly-pocket sleeves!)

Last Word on Funeral Talk

As a caring funeral directors, our ethos is about caring for everyone. This includes looking at health and safety as well as etiquette and providing a quality standard of service to our families. If you want a first class service on your day of need, please speak to us; we are proud to serve our communities.

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