What does Love Musgrove Charity Do?

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services
May 11, 2024

Our Social Impacts - Amanda-Louise Funeral Services With Our Heros The NHS

Amanda-Louise talked how she feels about our local NHS, and her commitment as a local business in supporting a worthy charity.


"I feel like most of us the NHS do an amazing job looking after us. Of course they have their challenges and sometimes we dont always feel we were supported as well as we'd had hoped, but in many countries, healthcare is a luxury but in the UK, its a right. I recently learned about Love Musgove who are the official Charity that supports Musgrove Park Hospital in Taunton, Somerset - this large hospital provides inpatient, outpatient, emergency care and children's and maternity services as well as a wide range of specialists departments caring for all of Somerset. Interestingly it is reported to have been originally a US Army General Hospital during the Second World War, then it became an NHS hospital in 1951.

I know the complex challenges our hospitals are faced with their aims to keep everyone safe, their demands of continuous improvements coupled with government funding, so the work Love Musgrove does is important to the patient and to their family and friends' experience of the hospital. It feels like Love Musgrove is the hospital's best kept secret; and Ive lived in Somerset for the last twenty years! So as an individual and as a business I want to do right whenever I can, which is why I personally donated some money to this worth while cause.

Love Musgrove Representative:

"Hello Amanda-Louise, thank you for your donation of £ 400.00!

Your donation will make such a difference to Musgrove Park Hospital, your support is extremely important to us. By supporting our Hospital charity, you are improving the experience of patients admitted to the Hospital, creating a comfortable engaging environment and supporting their family and friends. Our talented staff are so grateful for your kindness.

Love Musgrove exists to support the work of Musgrove Park Hospital by funding items above and beyond what the NHScan cover and without support from people like you this work would not be possible. Thanks to our supporters we have been able to fund state of the art equipment, improve patient’s stays with play materials for children to toiletries for our older patients as well as sending staff on the most up to date training courses.

Every year, thousands of pounds is donated to Love Musgrove by those who host coffee mornings and pub quizzes or takeon skydives and marathons. To continue to support the incredible work that our staff do here at Musgrove, we need more people to host an event or take on achallenge. If you think that someone is you, we’d love to hear about it. You can see what challenges are available on our website, or have a chat with one ofthe team about an event idea; we can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you once again for the difference you are making to the care of people in Taunton and its surrounding communities.

Yours sincerely,

Love Musgrove"


Its my honour to support, having recently been a patient myself, it has enabled me to say "thank you".

If anyone wants to find out more about this charity by donating, or organising their own fund raising event for Musgrove Hospital, then click here for their facebook page.

Amanda-Louise Funeral Services donates to Love Musgrove Charity
Amanda-Louise Funeral Services
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