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April 13, 2024

Alternative Funerals : Humanist

As a female led independent funeral directors, we understand and value that everyone in life is unique so our funerals can be. So we offer genuine choice to our families, so they can have a meaningful farewell that is special to them. For those who do not want a traditional religious funeral, we offer a humanist or non-religious funeral (often known as 'alternative' funerals) - we like to call them 'life affirming funerals'.

We've listed some frequently answered questions below, to help you decide if this type of funeral is right for you or your loved one:-

What is a Humanist funeral?

A person who is not religious but has a connection with the natural world would often want a humanist funeral; a humanist's view is there is no afterlife. The focus is on human values.

You do not have to be a humanist to have a humanist funeral, it just means the focus is on the life of the person who has did, rather than a faith, and if you prefer you do not have to have any spiritual content. A humanist funeral tends to carefully balance the focus on a celebration of that person's life, rather than mourning the loss of the person.

As we know every funeral has an environment impact, so when planning a humanist funeral, you can also consider how to reduce the impact and off-set the carbon footprint if that's important to you. Click here to learn how we offer eco-friendly funerals.

Where Can I Hold a Humanist funeral?

Whilst a traditional religious funeral ceremony usually takes place in a church or crematorium chapel, the beauty of holding a non religious funeral means you can hold the ceremony almost anywhere.

Whilst many humanist or celebrant nonreligious funerals do take place at the crematorium's chapel, there is no legal restriction to say you cannot hold the funeral ceremony anywhere else.

You could hold the funeral ceremony in a natural burial grounds, at your home or in your garden, in your favoured hotel, village or sports hall for example.
There are endless places to hold a personal funeral ceremony

What is a Humanist Celebrant?

A humanist is a professional ceremony leader. A humanist is a celebrant who will write and conduct the funeral ceremony, which has been written just for you. They will meet the family before the funeral to get to know them, listen carefully and learn whats important for them of the funeral wishes. They will then write a funeral ceremony, including the eulogy, and officiate (read this out) at the funeral.

A Humanist is similar to a Civil Celebrant as they carry out the same duties, but a Civil Celebrant can offer to conduct any religion(s), or include any religious music within their ceremonies, or remain non religious. In other words, there is no mention of religion, heaven, or god. If you want to have some reference to belief (for example to have 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' as a song choice), then you would need to opt for a Civil Celebrant as your ceremony leader.

Both will lead the service in the tone and style of the family's wishes, to help that family pay their respects to the person they are commemorating.

How can I find a Humanist Celebrant?

Here at Amanda-Louise Funeral Directors we can recommend some talented Humanist and Civil Celebrants. Alternatively our funeral director can provide those duties for you, subject to availability.

You can also find access to Humanists and find out more about what they can offer by clicking here, and simply put in your postcode to find a Humanist near you.

You can also access Civil Celebrants and find out more about what they can offer by clicking here, and simply select which region and county to find a Celebrant near you.

How Much Does a Humanist or Civil Celebrant Cost?

As they are all independent, these professionals set their own pricing structure but a typical price in Taunton, Bridgwater, Yeovil and Tiverton for example would be between £200 to 350.

To give some comparison, a Church of England charge currently £217 for a Vicar to conduct a religious service.

Whats Included in a Humanist Funeral Order of Service?

As there isnt any rules or blueprints of a non religious funeral, you can plan the funeral in any way that reflects the character of the person and of their wishes. You can, of course, have some traditional elements in the service if you wish.

Below are some wonderful ideas that you can include:-

• Any music you choose or singing of songs
• Words of welcome, thoughts on life and death from a non-religious perspective and any elements relating to nature, life's circle
• A personal tribute and the story of the life of the person who has died
• A reading or a poem (this could be one that capture the very spirit of the person or of their hobbies, or what they meant to you) and be read by a family or friend
• Symbolic rituals such as planting a tree or a rose bush, lighting candles, releasing a balloon in honour of the person who has died, or blowing of bubbles (this represents letting go, so can be a help in terms of bereavement) or perhaps write on leaves from fallen trees with messages (this is ideal during an autumn funeral where leaves are falling from the trees) and place those leaves on the coffin (or you could ask your funeral director to place them inside the coffin before the day of the funeral). Another personal example of a ritual is of everyone bringing a flower from their own garden and placing it on top of the coffin at the end of the ceremony.
• Show a video, photo or montage of photos as a slideshow
• A moment for reflection about the person who has died, to think about your own memories (as many will be shared, but there will be many that are just unique to one person attending)
• The committal words can be uplifting thanking them for the time you had together, their achievements, that their memory will stay with you forever, and no words about the person being returned to God for example

• The funeral ceremony could have at theme, ie no-one wears black or everyone to wear a particular football scarf for example

• After the funeral, you could organise a walk together to appreciate the elements of the outdoors, or you could give out favours to the mourners for example packet of seeds in memory

Humanist funerals and memorials can reflect on the person who has died's affinity with nature and human connections

This means that the tone and style of the funeral can truly be of the loved one's wishes. So if you want to celebrate their life even in a gentle way to a flamboyant style, where laughter is acceptable when reminiscing about the person you love, then that's perfectly fine!

How much does a Non-Religious funeral cost?

The cost of a humanist funeral can range from £3,000 upwards depending on the humanist service you want. Our funeral director prices to help support you to have a bespoke funeral start at £1,400 then you add on itemised elements that meet your needs and wants. If you want something not shown in our standard price list, just ask us - we will find a price for you.

You will find us having a wealth of experience of various different types of funerals, ceremonies and memorials, and work across Somerset and Devon typically, although on request we have gone further. And we can even offer for you to hold your humanist funeral in our beautiful funeral home by the sea in Minehead including food and refreshments too.

If you have any question please get in touch by calling Amanda-Louise on 01643 800335 or email us at, and we'll do our best to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

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