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Equalities Statement

Our goal to provide a trusted funeral directors and services, and trust is at the centre of everything we do. Our values, policies and processes are designed to be transparent, to protect you, and your rights; creating a safe place for you to plan a funeral and in return, we can deliver an impeccable service.

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Equalities Statement

At Amanda-Louise Funeral Services, we want everyone to feel safe, welcome and valued. We aim to support the diversity of the community we serve as funeral directors. We have experience in arranging occasions for a diverse cross section of the community honouring cultures and traditions. We do whatever we can to ensure everyone is comfortable and that all conversations are treated with absolute confidentiality. Please be assured that this same respect will be extended to your loved one in making the arrangements for their funeral and honouring their wishes.

Our ethos embraces we are all different – that’s what makes a person unique and valued.

We will not discriminate (indirectly, directly or by association) on the grounds of race, gender, gender reassignment, marital or partnership status, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief, HIV status, disability (including sensory and physical disabilities, learning disabilities, neurobiological difference and mental health status). 

We embrace and welcome the diversity of our community and work to honour everyone’s right to live life as a unique human being.

Our emotional wellbeing, support and grief counseling can give you the help and counselling you need to deal with the loss of loved one. Our focus is on helping you every step of the way providing wrap around care before, during and after the funeral.

Emotional support & councilling

We offer emotional support & grief counseling as part of our service