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Operational Procedures

Our Code of Principles : These define the fundamental ethical and professional standards that we abide to. Our goal to provide a trusted funeral directors, undertakers and services, and trust is at the centre of everything we do. Our values, policies and processes are designed to be transparent, clear, to protect you and your rights; creating a safe place for you to plan a funeral and in return, we can deliver an impeccable service. Our governance ensures our compliance and quality assurance, so we regularly review our policies and procedures to ensure we are innovative in our practices and continuous in improving our standards of quality.

Our Code of Principles

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Our Operational Guidelines


This policy is about us providing a proper standard of care for deceased people who are entrusted into our care, to ensuring we only act when authorised to do so, and we are competent to carry out our business.


To ensure we provide a high quality service at all times, and a high standard of client care.

Policy Principles

We will:- 

1.We will ensure before taking a deceased person into our care that we have taken all reasonable steps to establish the identityof our contractual client, that they have authority to instruct us, that they have consent for us to act, and the identity of the deceased person.

We will ascertain the deceased’s full name and address, date of birth, date of death, whether the death has been confirmed by a medical professional, location of the deceased person, contact details for the contractual client.

We will obtain signed authorisation or in cases where the contractual client is not present, receive written acknowledge of the transfer of the deceased person and us being asked to do so.

We will check the identification of the deceasedperson when we collect them, and we will place our own id bracelet on their wrist and ankle, which will remain in place.

We will ensure that when we are conveying the deceased person from their place of death, we do so with dignity and respect and they are covered at all times in line with law.

Typically we use our private hearse vehicle to collect the person who has died. We will go straight to our funeral home, and place them in our mortuary facilities in a suitable bay/position for their size, where they will stay until their funeral.

If we are asked to convey the deceased person to another location for example for medical examination, then we will inform our contractual client, and record the information.


2.Preserve the dignity of the deceased people in our care at all times by ensuring they are appropriately clothed or covered when not actively cared for;

Where possible, we will use a modesty cloth or suitable covering to cover the genitalia and other sensitive body areas of deceased people when they are being actively cared for (such as embalming process)

We will use a suitable headblock or pillow to support the heads of all deceased people that are in our mortuary facility

We will use cleaned and disinfected tray for every deceased person we store in our mortuary facility

We provide appropriate space for every deceased person in our mortuary facility, and we do not have more than we can accommodate at any one time.

If you have opted for a cremation and your loved one has an electronic device inside their body, such as a pacemaker, Amanda-Louise can remove this as its a requirement of the crematoria. We will ask for written consent from the contractual client for this procedure.

Whilst wed o not automatically embalm, if you have chosen for your loved one to havethis, you will sign consent, we will ask a specialist to carry out thisprocedure.

Should our contracted client wish to spend time with their deceased person whilst in our care, we will help them to do so, including if they wish to support with any washing, dressing or adding any items to be placed in their coffin or casket.

We will gently wash the deceased person in readiness for their funeral, and if requested to do so, will change their clothing and/or apply makeup for example, as agreed.

We will ensure that the coffin and any items within the coffin met the criteria of the crematoria, cemetery or natural burial ground for example.


3. We will keep accurate and comprehensive written and/or electronic records of every deceased person brought into our care, and will keep such information for a minimum period of five years. Such records will show all actions, activities and location at all times.

We will carry out an assessment of every deceasedperson in our care at least once every 24 hours. (this does not apply tocremated ashes).

Our records will be evidence to allow any regulator, without assistance from us, who the deceased person is, where they are/have been, support given to, and information relating to any jewellery or valuables.

We will ensure all information is accurate when supporting our contractual client to apply for a cremation or burial, and that the coffin name plate information is correct to satisfy the needs of the crematoria or cemetery personnel.

If we have been instructed to collect the cremated ashes (where appropriate) then we will ensure we collect the correct ashes, and sign for them, taking them back to our funeral home to be stored in a locked cupboard in a locked room. When the contractual client wishes to have the ashes in their procession, we will ask them to sign for them.

We will never withhold cremated ashes in lieu of payment of our services.


4. We will ensure that we are appropriately trained and knowledgeable in the work that we do.

Our mortuary facilities are only accessed by authorised people.

We have suitable mortuary facilities and have accessto the same. We carry out regular inspections of our mortuary facilities andequipment.

Our interior and exterior of our funeral home andour vehicles are in a good and well maintained condition.

We will appropriate policies and procedures inrunning our business in terms of governing structure, with all legislative andregulations including Health and Safety and Data Protection Law.

We have appropriate insurance cover.

We work in a transparent, honest way providingchoice and information so that our contractual clients can make the rightdecision for their wants and needs.

We have appropriate policies and proceduresrelating to other areas such as terms of business, privacy, accessibility,equality and diversity, code of ethics and complaints handling.

This policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.

Policy Updated - June 2024

Next Policy Review - June 2025

Policy Owner - Amanda-Louise Knight

Policy Reviewer - Amanda-Louise Knight

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