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November 11, 2023

Funeral Collections

Its common place at funerals to have donations instead of flowers, or 'family flowers only' for example. With the majority of funerals being a cremation, funeral flowers have decreased in popularity given by all funeral attendees, in comparison to a burial. Often the family have chosen a specific charity whereby donations will go to, that are meaningful to them, or was a preferred charity of the person whom has died. Or for instance, the family wish to raise money to purchase a bench in memory of the person. As funeral directors who have supported young families where the father has died leaving a mother and young children, instead of a charity, monies were collected in memory and were gifted in legacy to the future of his children.

Whatever the reasons of who the money goes to, donating in memory does bring comfort to a grieving family either knowing it is raising awareness of a charity, or touched that they want to support the family.

Its normal practice for a funeral director to collect monies from funeral attendees on behalf of the family and here at Amanda-Louise Funeral Director Services, we do just that.

Make an In Memory Donation

With us, there are several ways in which to donate monies in memory. In our remembrance page, we will indicate if donations have been selected and identify which charity or charities. Similarly if we are supporting the family to prodice Orders of Service, we will also ensure this information is on that document.

Collection Box - We have a funeral donation box at every funeral which is placed outside the crematorium or church chapel so that any attendees can place cash into the lockable box.

Cheque - whilst cheques seem a thing of the past, we can accept them made payable to 'Amanda-Louise Funeral Services' and these can be given to us at the funeral, posted to us at 5a Blenheim Road, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 5PY

Bank Transfer - you can send monies directly to our business account, with the reference of the name of the person who has died. Our bank details are: Nat West Bank, Account Name: Amanda-Louise Funeral Services. Account Number: 38107902 Sort Code: 52-30-42

How We Manage Charity Donations

As a professional and ethic funeral directors, we pride ourselves on our robust policies that protect everyone. This means that 100% of all monies received are sent to the nominated charity, and we have an audit trial ensuring this happens. This gives peace of mind in terms of risk of loss of monies. To read our Donations Policy, click here

Charities and Donations - Deciding Who Should Benefit

As we've said above, often family have chosen a specific charity in honour to celebrate the deceased's life. Some families have chosen a specific hospice that have cared for their loved one, or perhaps an animal charity in memory of their love of all furry friends.

Being a modern funeral directors, we understand the financial burden can be difficult for many families who are faced with arranging a funeral; particularly when the person who has died has not made their own provision for this. Whilst there are government funding available to those eligible, often it does not cover the entire cost of the funeral. So with crowdfunding ever popular in today's climate, it is perfectly acceptable for monetary donations to be asked for to help pay for the send off that you want and need instead of a charity; without judgement in memory of the loved one to celebrate their life.

Contact Us

Of course giving a donation is not obligatory, and individuals can choose how much they wish to donate. If you wish to donate, or to discuss donations please call Amanda-Louise on 07879-220046

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